• Richard-Schlichting

    Totally bummed by Carlin. :O(
    Yeah I DrP…I think she is pregnant…Double what I said before.

  • DrTentacle

    As long as she didn’t talk… I would have FUN having sex with her all night long. yum

  • SuperDave

    stupid bitch…

  • hermione_q

    Jesus! If my face was that bloated I wouldn’t even leave the house- she’s looking baaaaad…

  • JTchicago

    She needs to jam a Cuban in her mouth, then she will be sexy.

  • JTchicago

    UMMM, Cigar.

  • david10006

    how i wish this stupid overrated skank would just go away..and maybe take Eva longoria with her.

  • yuppers

    Busted face. Wobbly ass. It’s sad to peak at 14. The only time she ever looked genuinely pretty was in my father the hero.

  • Rhonda

    I hate her about as much as I hate Jessica Alba. She’s so ugly and full of herself, and for no good reason. She totally sucks.

  • d55

    so why do we hate this chick? i dont know anything about her..i dont watch greg’s anatomy, either…i remember seeing her years ago in a disney movie and thought, “she is so pretty”…thats all..and that is one horrible ass for her age

  • JTchicago

    Well after those remarks I am certain the writers are planning a grandiose death for her on Grey’s. Perhaps she will get bit in the ass by a alien and her head will explode? Otherwise, since the word is out ya may not be seeing much of anymore (except for rehab coverage).

  • hula

    uhhh but remember that her grand master plan was to get out of Grey’s to pursue her ‘career as a film actress’. I don’t know where I read that but, please, she only did Knocked Up and bashed that as well. She should do us a favor and stop working.

  • JonYo

    I used to really dig Der Heigl, but now I’m totally over her. She bugs me now.

  • shandi

    although her face looks a little bit pimply, her body is simply average, not bad not stunning. i always thought she was really pretty and cute, but people look different without makeup artists and spankies i guess…and smoking while you’re eating is kinda gross, what’s the point of smoking if you’re gonna eat? despite all this, i still think she’s pretty.

  • Razer Rick

    It’s pretty sad that the only way her body looks that good (which isn’t too toppy by the way) is to smoke like a fiend

  • kirk the jerk

    i never liked her, ever. but hollywood is filled with nothing but this kind of bullshit, thats for sure

  • Duder McVee

    Does this old, wrinkled, hag really think she is all of that? Come on now. Your old, ugly, flabby. Move on and go to an old age home. The only thing you got going is your fake tits and they are not even nice.

  • Courtney

    Shes starting to look like Lisa Kudrow and thats NOT a good thing

  • MadMax

    I like the personal minion bowing at her feet in the bottom pic of the 6th set.