Hot or Not: Hayden Panettiere Goes Brunette On “Heroes”

These were snapped in Los Angeles.

Filming on the set of Heroes over the weekend, Hayden Panettiere was photographed as a sexy & mean-looking brunette. Since she’s always trying to look 30, I gotta admit, this look certainly does the trick.

  • Noxious Bob

    Her look aside maybe Vol 3 of Heroes is going to get a whole lot darker… that should be interesting.

    No longer the cheerleader….

  • concubine

    Brunettes > Blondes but I like the light hair better. It looks like somebody but Hershey’s chocolate syrup and melted it into her hair.

  • Phillip McCracken

    N O T.

    not in anyway shape or form.

    Bitch is disgusting.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    their is only one way to improve on haydens hottness and this is it…

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    What’s with the aura around her in the pic #1? She looks like she has a digital halo… did you guys do that when you put in the “Pretty damn hot” text or was that already there?

  • Aisha

    I quite like it. As far as Angelina Jolie imitations go, this is not too bad. And she actually looks decent for once, ignoring the stumpy little midget body of course. Still an annoying cunt though.

  • DrPenetration


  • claudioog

    I agree. She don’t has the type of a bad girl. She is just a little bunny. Put her (blonde) fine sweet ass in a babydoll, please.

  • juni

    So she is turning 41, right?? Reminds me of the tent dress she wore at the globes which made her look pregnant.

  • Jeffy

    She looks hot as a brunette, but I prefer her blonde look.

  • Boz

    Shit! What the hell is she doing?

  • Caitie Harmful

    Oh, for fuck’s sake….

  • Larry B.

    She looks like a Mexican girl with one of those really bad dye jobs. Not feeling it. She definitely looks a lot better with the fake blond hair. She’s not a natural blonde, right?

  • Lambo59

    I don’t know about this look. One thing for sure she needs some weapons handling classes. Little girl don’t look to safe with that handgun.

  • Peccavi

    not a huge fan of stumpy… but I do like the dark hair.

  • Richard-Schlichting

    To think it could get any worse….My legs are shaking people. What makes it worse is it looks like the dye is still in there. Hey Hayden..You’re suppose to wash that shit out after you dye.
    Yeah that ammonia smell….That’s you!

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    i’m taking just what the doctor prescribed…a whole lot of NOT

  • jennyla

    In general I like blonde hair better than Brunette. Hayden looks better as a brunette, but it doesn’t look natural. She looks really made up not that that’s a bad thing… but with her, one of the things I did like about her was how fresh and anturaly pretty her skin, hair is and how she could look nice without looking made up. Now she looks like a girl who can’t fuck and is trying to look like a slut… if that makes sense! Before she looked cute, different, and her own person.

  • Doc Seversen

    She looks like she just got done playing a rusty trombone that backfired.

  • Weenieroast

    I pretty much hate this girl, but she does look better with darker hair. Plus, girls with weilding guns is sorta hot, in a misplaced Freudian sort of way.

  • Weenieroast

    Meh, typos.

  • omega

    Look great from the neck up. I prefer the dark blond look personally

  • Ugly Model

    Meh but I would go for it.

    Of course you already know my low standards.

  • d55

    page 6 page 6!!!!!!! those arms!!!!!!! MIDGETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! this chick is a mess all over as far as her body goes…and face looks horrible here with that hair color…trying to make her look tough and shit with that outfit and toy gun LOL

  • Smacky


  • Courtney


  • NewYorkGiantsfan8569

    Not a “Heros” fan? well, u r disgusting loser then…

  • Guy LeDouche

    I wouldn’t bone her. I’d just put my balls in her butt.

  • germ

    FUCK MY PENIS IS LIKE A ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nunyadmnbiznes

    Considering the earliest pics you can find of her show her as a blonde, I’d say it’s natural.

    She rocks as a brunette.

  • Jack the Reaper

    Hayden is perfect. She is small and petite, unlike your nasty ass.
    I’d fuck the ever living shiiiitttttttt out of her while you would watch it.
    Preferably on a big screen, as I would tape this event.
    Just thought you would know, skank.