Tyra Banks @ 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Tyra Banks’ `bootylicious’ statement

Tyra Banks won the first award of the evening, held Friday at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Her win was for outstanding informative talk show (I guess “regular” talk show winner Rachael Ray isn’t informative?). Anyway, Tyra had, hands down, the best speech of the night and ended it with this message: “They said `The Tyra Banks Show’ would last two weeks, and we are entering our fourth season this September. And I just have a message for everybody out there:

“When you have a dream, there are going to be many people that tell you that you cannot do it, that you are not good enough. And I want you to tell them to kiss your dimply, flat, juicy, bootylicious, skinny, jiggly, saggy, fat (expletive)!” Source