Vanessa Minnillo Poolside Bikini Pictures w/ Nick Lachey!

These were snapped in Salt Lake City, Utah

All I gotta say is that Nick Lachey is one lucky sonofabitchwhorebagpieceshitbastard! Damn him to hell.

Here’s the latest in Vanessa’s B-List career…

Minnillo was featured in Vegas magazine (2008) where she revealed her next path of career is acting. She later confirmed to People magazine she indeed got a role in the movie “Redefining Love” out (2009, she also started shooting her first spoof movie/comedy “goodie two shoes” out july 29,2008. [Wiki]

  • A- hole extrodinairre

    UGH, I live in Salt Lake City and I swear if I run into these two I may have to throw a bloody tampon at them. I am sure they would enjoy it more than they would be disgusted, however, I would walk away a proud woman.

  • Cathyk

    @16 a 12 yr old? get some glasses

  • Larry B.

    Do these two fucks ever do anything else?

    How are they banking like that? Nick hasn’t had a hit in ages and was she ever that large?

  • Blickerfield93277

    Salt Lake City rocks for monza f3 cars!

  • Sly Guy

    I’d stuff her back door with my chorizo sausage….if ya know what I’m saying.

  • ACE

    I don’t know what these two really do for a living, but it sure beats working in an office all fucking day. I always see pics of these two hanging out at the pool with drinks in their hands and they probably have enough free time to have hot sex pretty much all day. I have to get back to work now.

  • ACE

    lol – I’d rather be them than some working class hero.

  • Danny44

    I’m with Honey, what the fuck do these two do for a living ?? Besides laying out by the pool and having sex outdoors in Mexico.

  • McPerv

    Yep, they seem lives as good as the people in the herpes commercials.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    LMAO!!! damn ACE, you just knocked me right off my high horse. the reality of the situation warrants envy. damn it!!!

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    LMAO!!! damn ACE, you just knocked me right off my high horse. the reality of the situation warrants envy. damn it!!!

  • Honey

    thanks for the reality check ACE.

    this world is not fair DAMMIT!

  • Honey

    so umm…what exactly do these two do for a living again?

    Both are useless, annoying, boring wastes of fucking space.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    amen! thats all that needs to be said…

  • Nocturna

    she is built like a 12 year old

  • Viktoreas Other Account

    I’d bone them both!

  • gabriella

    she looks like a stuck up cunt…a hot body can’t make up for that fug face…nick lachey definitely downgraded from jessica

  • rare

    naturally beautiful women

  • Stone Cold

    “she is built like a 12 year old” WTF are you smokin’, please share

    She really has never done anything for me, but she doesn’t look like a 12 year old…. thank god

    And thats the bottom line……………

  • robo jaw

    worthless lame bitch with a huge jaw.

  • Nocturna

    her breasts are fake,her body is pretty much square without any curves,she looks too toned as in …no bits to grab at all….not sexy …just very manly

  • chipmunk cheeks

    Vanessa is a hog! Her face is bloated and she looks like a crack wh@re from all the weight she is losing. Her body is boyish and her implants are shrinking. Even a has-been like Nick LaGay can do better than her.

  • CATHY R.


  • Nick

    Vanessa is a stone cold FOX.


    Would do her in a New York minute.

    Glad to here she’s available again.

    Hope she poses for Playboy soon.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    shes some foxy smoking hot babe there. hahh, im heading around to state of utah in july 10th.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    *Heading to state of utah in july 10th*