Hilary Duff Shows-Off Her Legs @ MTV’s TRL!

In reference to Mischa’s legs earlier.
Hilary Duff Survived Putting a Scorpion Down Her Pants

“Everyone made a big deal out of it on the set — not because it was vulgar or in a sexual way — it was more like ‘Oh my God, you are putting a scorpion in your pants!’ The whole place was freaking out,” Duff said. “I had the whole crew standing there clapping and being like ‘Good job, you did it one more time!’ It was really scary and it was a real scorpion.” FOX News

  • MMB

    Hilary Duff stubbornly refuses to penetrate my consciousness. I keep seeing pictures of her but she just doesn’t register.

    Meanwhile half of my room is what I call the “Lohan Wall” so I guess I prefer her old rival. There are far too few women with any personality or charisma, and I’m not talking about Sara Silverman or that kind of B.S. I don’t mean “funny,” I mean three-dimensional, complicated, intriguing.

  • JTchicago

    She’s cute and does a mean backflip.

  • McPerv

    Who knows, it’s just insanely hot. And if you do it, your man will do anything for you.

  • Buck Nasty

    Are you OK Mcperv?. I thought you were on the patch. Last time we talked you were down to 2 butts a day.

  • azezeal

    More of this would be welcomed with open arms

  • Buck Nasty

    The “patch” meaning the ass patch, trying to get you off the “butts”,sorry about the gay reference joke that nobody got.I don’t know about bi but I might be a lesbian. I like playing softball. I like hitting from the ladies tees in golf. I have sideburns & wear my hair in a buzz cut. I like eating a lot of the same things lesbians do,wink wink nod nod, say no more.

  • Anonymoose

    I suspect the sudden onset of sexiness coincided with losing her virginity.

  • Andromeda18_

    Wow! Wasn’t she a bit chubby about a week ago? How the hell did she get like this in such a short period of time? Her face looks it’s best when it’s thin like this. And her legs are definitely much better tham Mischa Barton’s but I personaly don’t like them, they’re kind of chunky.

  • Peccavi

    I don’t much care for the short ones….but I’m finding it hard to fault her.

  • McPerv

    LOL, no never smoked. I have been informed that I am at least bi, if not gay, because (1) I don’t mind big girls with big curves and (2) I like to eat pussy. Eating pussy, so I’m told, is essentially the same as sucking cock, as they are both “submissive” acts that indicate a desire to suck cock.

    Just trying to figure it all out. There are some crazy mother fuckers around here. But at least it’s a little bit funny.

  • *sigh*

    Submissive acts are for women and homosexuals. Men are supposed to be dominant in bed.

  • hula

    jeez this is confusing
    she looks like paulina rubio ha

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    hilary duff’s real life must be just like the movies…she looks like everyday people. she looks like shhh then within the course of a 5 min. montage or a snap of the fingers and she is Hottie McHotterson!!!

  • Rhonda

    Wow! She is gorgeous. She looks a lot better wearing heels with her short-shorts.

  • Aisha P

    She looks…good. It killed me a little bit inside to say that since i am anti Duff and all, but i cannot tell a lie dammit!

  • McPerv

    OK Cave Man. An aversion to pleasing women has nothing to do with sexuality, it’s merely narcissistic and misogynistic. I enjoy a good selfish BJ from a woman as much as any guy (and remember ladies, there’s nothing better than having a woman swallow), but there’s nothing gay or submissive about pleasing a woman. Not to mention, a real man likes pussy and does it for himself as well. Talk to just about any gay man and he will get squirmy re. vaginas. That’s you, bud.

  • Buck Nasty

    Tell my wife about that she may agree.

  • Richard-Schlichting

    She gets hotter and hotter…Still don’t like her much though.

  • Cookie Monster

    She does nothing for me.

  • McPerva

    Can I suck your cock?

  • McPerva

    huh? i’m not stalking you. that was my first comment ever responding to you.
    you were talking about oral sex, so can i perform it on you? you can cum in my mouth.

  • Goliano

    “I mean three-dimensional, complicated, intriguing.”

    Like people with Lindsay Lohan on half their walls?

  • Grandmaster of Disaster

    you people r out of your mind. she is friggin hot!

  • jennyla

    She looks the most attractive she can be with what god has given her… pat on the back for you Hilary! However, I still think she is an ugly turd.

  • McPerv

    Now it really is stalking. How does it feel to have your whole world revolve around me?

  • tool

    Pic 3 looks like Paulina Rubio.

  • yahoo

    why must the chick swallow? does that turn u on or something?
    have you ever tasted your own cum? because cum is disgusting, it tastes really really salty and kind of bitter and the texture is frickin disgusting and slimy.

  • Hugh G Rection

    I think she wants my cock.

  • Hugh G Rection

    I would lick the corn out of her…. you get the idea.

  • Anon1

    “why must the chick swallow? does that turn u on or something?”

    …because you don’t want her to stop at the best part! Imagine just as you begin to cum your man just stopped doing what he was doing, not cool is it?
    Also if he is doing it right you will basically be cuming in his mouth the whole time he is down there, and especially if you squirt.

    Eating pussy, pleasuring a woman, is masculine, having a selfish whining brat allow your efforts to go unrequited is weak, submissive, and gay.

  • esmeralda

    she may be pretty in an average way but she still has some of that horseness left over. she prob was a horse in her past life haha…
    and horses are hot.. we all know that, right?

  • RockHard

    She shouldn’t be putting a Scorpion in her pants, she should be putting my Trouser Trout in

  • d55

    her legs aint hot enough to get MB jealous…stumpy, short, thick

  • DAMAGE Inc.

    sure…why not!!!

  • MadMax

    Yep, those are some damn fine sexy legs IMHO.



  • YouAssIsMine

    She has a tight little package. The little bitch has been working out lately and it’s paying off. However, the natural face is still caked on with make-up. She should go light on the make-up and show her real mug. Real beauty (which she is not) does not need make-up.

  • whocares

    spread those legs baby