Ashley Tisdale Hides Behind Her Louis Vuitton Bag!

Louis Vuitton teams up with Nordstrom

Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom forged a new partnership: Vuitton opened an in-store shop at the retailer on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. The 2.000 feet department opened last week and is the French luxury brand’s first boutique at Nordstrom.

A win-win for both companies, as the Seattle-based Nordstrom Inc. is looking to expand its designer business and LVMH Moet Hennesy Louis Vuitton searches for new avenues of growth.

Nordstrom represents the first new department store partnership in 13 years for Louis Vuitton. The brand previously teamed up with Bloomingdale’s (1995), Macy’s (1982), Neiman Marcus (1948) and Saks Fifth Avenue (1925). The leased department within Nordstrom will be Vuitton’s fifth location in the Chicago area and the 123rd store in the US. Fifty percent of Vuitton’s stores are freestanding retail units and fifty percent leased areas inside department stores. Source

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