Kelly Brook Brings The Afternoon Links!

Click on the Converse ad! Listen to the song!!!

– Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Are WOW! [HollywoodTuna]
– Awesome iPhone Apple Bottoms [CO-ED Magazine]
– Kate Moss Topless on a Boat [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]
– Naomi Campbell And Tyson Beckford Donate Toys [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Angelina Jolie definitely gave birth this time [Celebslam]
– Step up without having to shell out Rolex paper [Daily Drop]

– Bastille Day: 10 French Women We Love [Complex]
– JLo treats her nannies like slaves [Dlisted]
– Rumer Willis: I know I’m not a conventional beauty [Cele|bitchy]
– ‘New Yorker’ Cover Shows Obamas as Terrorists [Bumpshack]
– Louise Redknapp is attractive [DerekHail]

– ‘Cool as Ice’ motorjumpscène [Flabber]
– Josh Brolin arrested in bar altercation [The Blemish]
– Madonna Attends New York Yankee Game [Gone Hollywood]
– Nicole Richie’s Book Is Being Made into a TV Series! [Celeb Parasite]
– Work place Violence Increasing [The Bastardly Society]

– Greatest Wardrobe Malfunctions Of All Time [Unibrow]
– Maria Menounos’ Sweet Ass Shags Balls [The Grumpiest]
– Izabel Goulart Does Arena Magazine [Popoholic]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

And of course…

  • jessicarabbit08

    kelly brook = HOTNESS

  • jessicarabbit08

    ah c’mon she defo has a some sexiness about her!??!!!

  • lisa

    it’s like someone took a shovel and “whack” flattened out her ass…ugh…flat and wide.

  • Kristin

    Nice bod. I don’t like her face. She’s kind of overexposed for not having done much besides pose for a whole bunch of photos every other day. Or did I miss something at the last Academy Awards?

    Erm… Overexposed in the media, I mean. She’s obviously overexposed in the fashion sense also, but I’m going to complain about that.

  • The Devil

    She’s got a nice White girl body. Good rack, decent hips, but suffers from noassatall.

    She’s prolly in my top 20, 30 though.

  • Adored By All (Cant be bothered loging in)


    she has nothing going for her compared to nearly every other woman on bastardly.

    Thers no prettiness, sexiness, sluttiness, cutiness, seductiveness… NOTHING!

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Kim K is one of the rare few that has both, T & A, and that’s pretty much the only reason she’s famous.



  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Women need one of the two, a nice rack or an ass to really look like women. OK, so she doesn’t have much of an ass but she has nice curvy hips and a DAMN NICE RACK. So therefore she passes the “are you a woman?” test.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Another example would be Kate Hudson. That woman has no t*ts at all, but damn she has a nice round booty.

  • Honey

    Thats a hot bitch.

    Never did care much for her face but her body….

    pg 5 & 6….have mercy!

  • TORO

    Fuck she make’s me horny!…this is one damn fine biatch!

  • morons

    Philip doesn’t like her ’cause she doesn’t have a penis.

  • Hallery

    I would love to touch her breasts.

  • Stone Cold

    Oh there’s not a thing wrong with this honey, thats for sure. Phillip, not sure what you don’t like…. but to each his own. I’d lick the sweat from her cleavage…… and anywhere else she asked me to lick.

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • Tray-C

    Man oh man there are some funny things on here… now isn’t a misogynist someone who hates / distrusts ALL women?? How can someone be a misogynist if they like some females but dislike others? Uncertified bastards are too funny… Hiding behind a veil of anonymity while attempting to talk shit…

  • Phillip McCracken

    shhhh Tray-C, dont tell my girlfriend im a misogynist. she might start worrying that i dont like her as much as im telling her i am, and i cant have that cause shes awesome….or wait, am i just saying that? cause i hate all women?

    so, shhh, keep it secret, i dont want my smoking hot girlfriend to dump me cause she hears that

  • Tray-C

    lol Phil… I’m sure she knows you a hell of a lot better then these anonymous bastards ever will…

  • Phillip McCracken

    i hope so. sometimes she gets paranoid for no reason to doubt what i tell her.