Stacy Keibler @ Captain Morgan MLB All-Star Week

First batch of auctions from Stacy Keibler’s Closet nets $1,950

It’s quite unusual for celebrities to sell memorabilia directly to fans, but the 28-year-old former Dancing With the Stars contestant apparently has plenty of sports stuff she needs to get rid of. Plus, a portion of each sale from Stacy Keibler’s Closet goes to charity and each comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Keibler.

– A pair of blue shorts (with belt) worn during a WWE event sold for $750 after 50 bids.

– A Red bikini (right) worn during a photo shoot for two WWE magazines in 2004 sold for $540 after 33 bids Source

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No he just turned in all that Hersey stock he'd been secretly buying....Seriously though...The crane finally got him out of the basement. I hear he's rolling around somewhere.

Richard Simmons came and gave him a pep talk.