Stacy Keibler @ Disney ABC Television All Star Party

Keibler is also known for her forty-two inch long legs.[1][3][9] She has been known as both “The Legs of WCW” and “The Legs of WWE”.[7] During her time on Dancing with the Stars, she was nicknamed “The Weapon of Mass Seduction” because of her dancing skills and long legs. Wiki

  • WiseMan

    Yeah I’d lick those legs all day long!

  • d_jologs

    still the best legs in the United States of America

  • the kitten

    uh i dont understand these people saying she has a perfect ass. her ass looks non-existant in these pics, way too flat. how anyone finds that attractive …ughh. im not sayin the ass has to be fat but at least perky and round, you know? but she does have fantastic legs, no doubt

  • Phillip McCracken

    oh jez not this fucking useless fucking piece of shit.

    why the fuck cant she just fade into obvion already?

    bitch must be sucking a hell of a lot of fucking cocks to keep being invited ANYWHERE.

    so fucking useless

  • Big C

    ^^ Word. Why can’t she just disappear?

  • Rhonda

    I can’t stand her. She’s cocky and arrogant and thinks who-in-the-hell she is. But, I would kill for her legs.