Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Went For A Walk In NYC!

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley romance gets intense!

“It’s gotten crazy, they are all over each other after every single take,” a source told Pagesix. “They’re constantly making out, and it’s making everyone uncomfortable.”

According to the source Badgley also has a new love interest on the show, who seemed to make Lively a little “nervous.”

“He’s in scenes with this new cute brunette, and Blake is all over him afterwards. And no one on set is talking to the new girl because they don’t want to upset Blake.” Source


    man i would destroy Blake. Shes so gawd damn hot! I’d hold her hand all day!I kinda don’t like her silver nail polish.

  • ben

    Not a single fibre in my body believes that story accompanying these pics.
    Also blake is smoking hot, I’m totally jealous of the guy. Don’t know him so I’m not going to call him a douche just because I’m jealous. Also doubt he’s gay, that’s just a standard response of the jealous fan.

  • the kitten

    nice legs

  • jealous bitter fat ass

    Her boyfriend is totally GAY!!

  • Gingerbread

    Sounds like Blake is a bit of a diva! Ugh, who cares..the hottest girl on that show is Leighton Meester hands down, and she’s a way better actress too.


    FUK that dude is hot!!!
    i want his babiessssssssss