Miley Cyrus – More Hacked iPhone Photos!

Thanks again Spuds! Click here if you missed the shower photo.
Miley Cyrus’ Breakout Debuts at # 1; Third Consecutive # 1 Debut for Hannah Montana Star!

Miley Cyrus, star of Disney’s hit series Hannah Montana, makes her solo debut with the release of “Breakout” on Disney’s Hollywood Records, with her biggest sales debut, scanning over 372,000 units. Cyrus co-wrote 8 of the songs of the smash album. MarketWatch

  • Rhonda

    We never did anything like this, either. Never thought about posing in front of a mirror in my undies or anything like that. There used to be a such thing as shame. Kids back then had it. They also had respect, but then again, the Baby Boomers were never afraid they’d go to jail if they spanked their kids in public. That’s what these primadonna celeb kids need: a good ass-beating.

    We also used to play outside. There were a few shows that we had to watch, but nothing like now. And, we had an Atari when it first came out, but I had two sisters that I had to share with, so there wasn’t any getting addicted to it.

    I try to give my daughter my childhood. We have one TV, no video games, and a huge backyard. And, it’s been good enough for 7 years.

  • UMMM

    So you’re saying that you’re bitter because you don’t have any friends either.

  • Rhonda

    He’s a prime example of what too much video games and TV will do to a kid.

  • JTchicago

    I guess I was lucky and even tho my parents were divorced, I was brought up with a sense of respect and values. Doing nonsense like this was never a thought and I was never strapped to my games or TV. I loved music and the outdoors. From this I take a great many things, but todays generation are looking to get famous quick and to expose yourself of the internet is the way to do it without (few) repercussions. But then it’s all tongue-in-cheek BS anyway.

  • guru puckyu

    to UMMM,

    ‘Doesn’t Miley Cyrus have any friends? I don’t have ANY pictures of myself that I took myself, that’s just stupid!’

    well………thts jz probably coz U ARE LAME,not creative….and during those time..u might be using POLAROIDs or those Disposable cameras, so no way ur gonna waste ur films on half photos…or pics of ur arm,part of ur head….etc….lamer!

  • Yes!

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! hahaha lol YES!!

  • paulypaul

    You guys saying you’d have sex with this child are sexually depraved!. She is asking for it though, maybe I’d be tempted if the police gave me a head start on the get-away after!.

  • yes

    ROFLMFAO!!!! God DAMN!! whatta burn!

  • joker187

    Miley Cyrus is one ugly bitch for real people me personally I want to some photos of her enemy Selena Gomez. Can someone please hack into her phone please!!!!!!!

  • no comment

    what a retard!

  • pancake kid

    geez..this kid.
    she needs a good grounding. if my parents ever saw shit like this on my phone i’d be slapped with the frying pan (again!!) and i’m 22.

  • guru puckyu

    is that cum on the tummy in d 1st pic?

  • Annnna

    realize… these were taken on her phone. Every girl poses in the mirror in her underwear. Can you say you didn’t? The only difference here is she took pictures of herself. and they were then STOLEN by a hacker. She didn’t sent them to anyone, it’s not as if she wanted them to be revealed.

  • Eve

    She’s fucking ugly. And she pouts in every single picture! Bitch thinks her lips will look like Angelina Jolie’s.

  • JTchicago

    NOAH sez we are Hating.

    Funny. I thought (negative or positive) Freedom of speech was a God given right in this country.

    It’s called Having an Opinion.

  • ninja…

    umm in pic 1 is that jizz all over her belly…

    maybe daddy is taking the pictures…

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    I’d swear to god when i first saw pic 1 i thought she had baby juices on her tummy…

    and on a side note and me just being completely eyed controlled… she has a nice bottom ey?

    Still you must ask yourself… is her beauty compensating for something?

  • dorkus2

    Like she doesn’t know these will get out. A whore-wanna be? She’s just bent on ruining her ‘career’ with clean cut Disney and all. Ready for a LinLoh’ movie roll soon.

  • Rhonda

    I think NOAH is 12. He may not have taken Civics in school yet, so he may not understand what Freedom of Speech is. He obviously isn’t doing so well in grammar and spelling, either.

  • JTchicago

    Hooqed on fonix hav ben veir good two mee.


  • Victory Thorn

    Oh fuqmiester, what you had to say would have been so much more credible if you only know the difference between THERE THEIR and THEY’RE.

  • Victory Thorn


  • NOAH


  • JTchicago

    Personally I’ll pass. Madonna makes me gag anyway, and I like girls I date to have alittle age to their sexual tastes. Like, Ohh Say 20 years more age!

  • JTchicago

    Rhonda; News flash honey! Billy Ray is the one behind the hype.

  • The Devil

    20 years ago? Try 10 years ago.

  • Rhonda

    I’m sure he’s behind the camera.

    I wasn’t ever a fan of his, but I think I remember some sort of hoopla about him when he had his 15 minutes. Like, he lied about something or whatever. Her mother seems like a Dina Lohan wannabe. Even though I don’t like Miley, I feel sorry for her. She’s a kid that’s probably being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do.

  • Rhonda

    Personally, I don’t think it’s not normal for a 15-year-old girl to be posing suggestively in her undies/bikini or in a shower. Maybe kids nowadays are different than they were 20 years ago. We didn’t do stuff like this.

  • Rhonda

    Oops! I meant “I don’t think it’s normal…”

  • tyrone

    This ‘hacking’ is all nonsense. These images been leaked for publivity.

    Damn this bitch needs a brother’s powerful cock to tame her. Fuck Ima cumming

  • grammarmeister

    Do you feel like an idiot, for not proofreading?


  • Hallery

    Get ready for the sex tape and pantie free upskirt shots next. Although, that shit’s getting pretty old. These Disney sluts should be more original. Spice things up a bit. Throw in something shocking, like S&M, oh wait, Madonna did that. How about getting peed on? Nope. Kim K did that already. What about a three way between Miley, Vanessa and Zac? Would that draw any interest?

  • ahhhhhhh

    SO FUCKIN HOT jesus christ id hit that SO fast
    pic 1 hooooooooooooooly shit fuck me please

  • ben

    It’s so weird how all these ‘accidents’ such as stolen private videos, and photos hacked from phones, etc, always seem to coincide with a movie, or a t.v. show, or a cd coming out. Strange how that happens huh?
    p.s. sarcasm.

  • ass

    belly full of jizz, it does a body good

  • Rhonda

    I wasn’t a teenager 10 years ago. I’m old!

    From stories that I’ve heard from my husband (he’s a police officer), kids are doing things that’ll make you blush. I’m considering sending my daughter to a convent or something.

    Between the crap on TV and irresponsible parenting, the kids nowadays are pretty much screwed. In my personal opinion, my generation are not good parents. Not all of them, but a majority of them. I think the Baby Boomers are the last of the good ones.

  • Rhonda

    LOL! Check out his comments on the other Miley posts. They get better (or worse).


    So. .she’s 15. Starting from age 13 I have tons of pics of me in my bathing suit hanging out with friends in summer. Sometimes they’re these stupid “sexy” poses that we copied from fashion magazines, sometimes it’s just us hanging out. It’s normal. HOWEVER

    Doesn’t Miley Cyrus have any friends? I don’t have ANY pictures of myself that I took myself, that’s just stupid!

  • JTchicago

    Holy Mother of 5th grade! The Child is possessed!

  • fuqmiester

    this chick is a typical teenager.a fucking moron who thinks there all grown up.

  • Rhonda

    Jesus Lord! I can’t stand this little girl and her inbred hillbilly parents. They are whoring her out without realizing she’ll end up like Britney and Lindsay. Or, maybe they do and don’t care because they have a daughter younger than Miley that can take her place.

    I agree with Ugly Model, Eve, ninja, and Hallery. This is getting old. Her parents aren’t showing any responsibility. They’re just showing how money hungry and stupid they are.

  • Bounty

    Miley is getting out of control. Yeah, sure.. whoever made that comment about kids doing shit like this isn’t out of the norm is correct but that just sickens me.

    And then half those annoying slutty dressed little teenagers are going to get knocked up and end up on a talk show with twenty-seven different guys trying to figure out who their baby’s daddy is.

    Birth control in the water, folks.. it’s our only hope.

    And I’d like to make a bet that Miley gets knocked up in the next two years.

  • lol

    What country is that? The internet country?

  • filefactorycom/file/bbf702/n/gk103_part7_rar

    Next year she becomes legal baby!

  • ow.

    dear miley cyrus


    and kill the pout while you’re at it, it ain’t doing you any favors.

  • L0rd

    fap fap fap