Sylvester Stallone Shows Off Regrettable Tattoos in Ibiza, Spain

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Sylvester Stallone is pictured here with wife Jennifer Flavin. The couple is spending some quality time relaxing on their yacht off the bling-bling coast of Ibiza, Spain.

  • Claude Balls

    It looks like a pterodactyl crapped on his shoulders!

  • tyrone

    Fuck Stallone looks like he’s suffering from abuse of steroids. That means his balls must not be working.

    This brotha would sure like to keep his missy happy yum yum

  • d55

    shit, you wish you looked that good right now and got a chick that looked half as good

  • your a sicko extreme


  • d55

    his skin looks like latex that is melting

  • Ugly Model

    I wish I looked that good at 62 and had such a hot wife.

  • dr. acula

    stallone would kick arnold’s ass in a fight

  • Tray-C

    Phil – its called make-up… lol

    I liked the last Rambo too… lol

  • Player

    Stallone looks like someone dropped battery acid all over his body – jeez. Flavin looks smokin hot – how come we can’t get more picks of her?

  • champ

    SLY, YOU CHAMP!!!!….. respect..

  • Don

    she’s not hot. fake breasted women are automatically disqualified from being hot

  • Ben

    He’s in his 60’s, by then you start to loose the elasticity in your skin, it’s natural, especially if you were huge once and get smaller. But yeah it is probably magnified a bit if he took steriods. The guys still looks good for being in his 60’s

  • TORO

    Fuck she’s damn fine!!

  • d55

    ha…that was predictable now wasn’t it, you fat bitch…still hating yourself? what a stalking, harrassing cunt haha oh my god

  • d55

    and were you crying while typing by the way? with the caps and shit? lol…i love how i make you cry…now, follow me around like the slave you are…let’s get going

  • d55

    p.s. i have more $ than you have in your piggy bank lol

  • your a sicko extreme

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  • d55

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  • Goliano

    Can’t be too regrettable with his wife lookin’ like that. Ow!!

  • Goliano

    ^^ poseur.

  • Courtney Smith

    That wife…which isn’t his wife….is a lesbian/bi stupid
    bitch. She is so dumb and that horseface is hard to look
    at with that bad boob job! As for the tattoos….they are
    fake! Why do you think they look like they are latex and
    only his stomach is burnt red…not his legs or his arms.
    That relationship is just a sham…not his kids either.
    The kids look just like his brother Frank, who looks alot
    like Sly! How’s that for a mouthful!

  • Denise

    I agree with your comments. That Flavin is a real skank. She did porn
    and is a lesbian. In Miami she lived with all girls in that house and
    is still living with a woman. The relationship between her and Stallone
    is just for show.