Nelly has a perfect belly! Toned yet soft and feminine.

  • Mr. Sinister

    She get’s a solid 9.5 on the M.I.L.F ometer,great ass

  • Stone

    I loved “Whoa, Nelly!” I haven’t really cared for her stuff since then, though, and I particularly dislike her latest album. Actually, her music and looks seem to have synchronously degraded into a desperate attempt to stay sexy and hip even though she’s not 20 anymore. It’s kind of sad to me.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    I do. I can appreciate a wide variety of music and I love the quirkiness and meaningful lyrics of her first album, particularly the song Legend, but I also love the irrepressible catchiness of her latest one and All Good Things Come To An End if a fantastic song as well reminiscent of her old stuff.

  • JPRichardson

    Perfect, killer body.

    But her Frankenjaw is a big turn-off.


  • Glimmer

    uh, anyone like her music ??? i know i always ask the questions no one else cares about. yeah… 😉

  • Hugh G Rection

    I bet she has a super hairy fur burger.

  • RoastedNuts

    She looks fantastic, totally worthy of being the filler between a Mr and Mrs Nuts’ sandwich.

  • antman

    Nelly’s got a birth-friendly pelvis.

  • Sierra

    I love her. Shes so hot and I love that shes on the small size (but has normal arms unlike Hayden P and Xtina Ricci). I LOVE her eyes too, theyre such a nice bluey green and it contrasts nicely with the rest of her coloring.

  • Rhonda

    Looking good. I love her figure.

  • Mr.Sinister


  • Goliano

    Lovin’ that north-of-the-border, south-of-the-border flava. Mamacita, eh?

  • dorkus2

    she sure has improved since her first look on first CD

  • RyaNAKED

    i never knew she was this hot!!!!!!!!!

  • KRS two

    This is really amazing ass. I would like to fist her and make her cum until
    the shit comes out.

  • soufian