Dayana Mendoza – Topless Modeling Photos

Sorry the quality kinda sucks. But anyways, this is the supposedly big deal photo scandal??? I mean, if she did some Bang Bus or Penthouse-style photospread then maybe we got issues. This, however, whoever made it a big deal… really, no problems in my opinion.
Miss Universe Avoids Plastic Surgery Question

In regards to plastic surgery, which is very frequent in Venezuela, she said that it is a personal decision of each person, and that anyone who is dissatisfied about something about them has to do.

– The only problem is when you do not resemble yourself anymore after – she said.

When asked whether she had surgery herself before the contest, she said that it would be like asking a lady her age. Source

  • jack johns

    She’s a model. This is what they have to do. get over it.

  • someday

    juz a italian ad campaign, jewelry or sth, no big deal

    u’re still the best Dayana

  • alice

    Who is this hot bitch?

  • dkafdsa

    i think its cause you aren’t seeing the whole picture.. there is more on the other half of this picture

  • Robert Lopes

    After all… what’s the big deal?

  • BlueEyedAngel

    Well judging from the pics she definitely had a nose job. But who doesn’t now. Except ppl like me who wouldn’t waste money.

  • Rummy

    Nice pics… So what’s everyone bitching about? As far as what parents think… Who cares? After what these nutcases put their daughters through to complete!

    I think the pics are artistic like she expressed. You may not like the art; but then everyone has a right to an opinion… there is nothing wrong with any of the pics in my opinion.

  • devil_8

    what the hell on this pic. don’t you people have time to stroll.. looking this baster’s bastardly.