Leryn Franco of Paraguay – Javelin Throw – 2008 Olympics

Who cares that she finished second to last! Here are Leryn Franco calendar pictures from 2007.

Leryn Franco (born 1 March 1982 in Asunción) is a Paraguayan athlete who specializes in the javelin throw. Leryn is 5’8” (1.74 m)

In 2006 she was the runner-up in the Miss Paraguay competition and also competed in the Miss Bikini Universe pageant the same year.

Her personal best throw is 55.38 metres, achieved in May 2007 in Fortaleza.

She competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the javelin representing Paraguay, where she finished next-to-last at 51st. During the Games’s opening ceremony she garnered some media attention because of her good looks. During her warm-up her favorite music is Dem Dam Keyids. Wiki

You can watch video of her 2 piss-poor throws here.

MORE: New candid pics over here!

  • brent

    perfect combo of curves and sporty…this girl will be hot forever. Guys, you gotta look for this shit, it will save you a lot of “DAMN, my chick got FAT” in the future.

  • Richard-Schlichting

    I love when they build up good looking athletes like they are the best ever in the sport and than they just suck.
    Makes me wonder…..Will Alicia Sacramone’s next move be to go into mud wrestling. Theres always hope.

  • Djwar76

    she’s doable 🙂

  • horndog

    and by her performance (coming second last) modeling is where she might be more successful

  • wut

    Sexy. Hot legs.

  • JTchicago

    I’m moving to Paraguay.

  • Stone Cold

    My My My…….. that looks totally edible, I could play with this for hours. (did anyone notice how giant her feet are)…. just curious. Anyway….. she’s sexy as hell.

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • dorkus2

    pic 8 ,,what a backside! I’m convinced they put her on the team in the ‘jav competition jsut to get her face out there for her modeling career. After all, look at all the hot Brazillians she’s got to compete with.

  • Uncertified but still bastardly

    Pic 2; she has a lip that didn’t get tucked in. or has my imagination took over?

  • skilligan

    she should have 100 gold medals

  • Rhonda

    I agree with James that these pics don’t do her justice. Her body is amazing, though. She’s got a nice butt.

  • Goliano


  • Courtney

    Shes really pretty. I love her legs.

  • James

    Her feet aren’t big…. they’re normal….. she’s tall so don’t expect her to have tiny feet

  • No Name Needed

    She cute, pics not the greatest, but still cute. My only issues is her hair, or hairline or something on top of her head just doesnt do it for me, but of course when Im fucking her I can look past all of that

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    do you think as a female athlete she is like damn i didn’t win gold but at least i’m still hot or would she trade her looks for the highest level of accomplishment in sport…gold medal

    hot girl but not for me. the body of course nice she’s an athlete

  • Caribelle

    She’s hot.. her body is on point.

  • TORO

    Wow…one of the hottes athlete in the olimpics for sure!!..so damn sexy

  • Honey


  • jillybean81

    I LOVE HER!! It made me so happy to wake up and see this!



  • digglesworth

    i’d tap it on her forehead. 17 – wow. this is why white chix are doomed to lives of loneliness and misfortune. not only hawt, athletic, and parties like a bitch horse. i’ve done worse tho.

  • cindylou

    i was wondering when she was going to get posted. she’s pretty hot but i think lolo jones is hotter

  • ACE

    That’s a great question and I think she would rather be as hot as she is than win a gold medal. Does anyone remember who won the gold medal in the Javelin in the 2004 Olympics? I don’t think so. The Olympics have given her exposure to the world and she may have the opportunity to take advantage of that.

  • Chris

    Wow, she is perfect. That is one of the most gorgeous faces i’ve ever seen right there. Her face is the perfect blend of adorable/sweet looking, gorgeous, and sexy. But I agree with others, these pictures do NOT do her justice. She looks very pretty here, no doubt about it, but she looks GORGEOUS in motion. I was stunned by her beauty when I saw her in the opening ceremony. and it seems all of america was as well. haha
    She deserves the attention, she’s hotter than any models out there today, that’s for sure.

  • McPerv

    I have something long and hard for her to put her hands on.

  • Ugly Model

    I would fuck this man.

  • Jaron

    i don’t think her face is all that wonderful
    obviously her body is amazing though.

  • dorkus2

    I’m booking a flight to Paraguay, Uruguay, anywhere down there to welcome her home after the events.

  • iversam

    lolo jones….seriously? have you seen her in pictures…not so hot…altho when she lost in the hurdles…she was pretty sexy

  • RockHard

    Holy FUCK she is HOT – My pole is harder than her javelin

    I can’t even complain that there were 17 pics for her calender and only 12 months in a year