More Leryn Franco Pics – Olympic Playboy Material or Totally Overrated?

Whatever you do, don’t miss her hot calendar pics that Jackson posted earlier today.

For those of you who haven’t been online today, then you probably missed out on lil’ Ms. Leryn Franco, the sexy Paraguayan javelin thrower who’s responsible for crashing servers all over the world.

Here are a few candid pics we found after digging the web a little…

  • d_jologs

    tranny faced

  • Mundo

    Damn nice body….

  • A-Star

    Her face is really unattractive her body is really hot though

  • Cathyk

    Amazing bod but her face is bordering on ugly… only with the assistance of a LOT of make up, she looks semi-decent in the face…..

    you see a lot of girls like this everyday…good bod, nice hair, very average face but altogether, they look “hot” from far but the more you see of them the more you realize they are not.

  • Rhonda

    Great body, ugly face.

  • McPerv

    Don’t know about that first pics, but super fine in all the others. Beautiful body.

  • Douche Baggery

    That’s a babe. I’d take her over Adriana Lima.

  • dorkus2

    great body, but not too good on many photos. Did I see side hogan in that first pic?

  • Sass

    She´s also a model right? she has a nice body.

  • Eder

    I don’t think she overrated but then again I’m half Paraguyan so..

    She’s cute enough for Playboy.

    Check out her calender and anyone will be jealous of her body.

  • wow

    fucking jealous bitch. That’s ugly??
    Wow. I could understand if you said “average” or “not my type” but calling her ugly is extreme and just shows you’re straight out jealous.
    This is a gorgeous girl and these aren’t the best photos. Have you been watching the olympics?? shes gorgeous in motion. and she is the most searched woman on the internet the past few days for a REASON. All of america has fallen in love with her….. and no, we dont all have bad taste.

  • berriondo

    Overrated the holywood crack whores trashed loose cannon bitches shown constantly on this site
    bitches like Leryn Franco need to be known by the entire world – cause she’s tight & real-damn she’s hot!!!

  • gmrjr59

    A total 10.

  • ThatsJustWrong

    Put a bag over her face and she looks great.

  • Anonymoose

    Body is great. Face needs an assist from Photoshop.

  • The Devil

    Better than the butterface blondes y’all usually put on this site.

  • d55

    face is straight up ugly with some crazy eyes

  • the cocksmith

    Retards need love too.

  • RuffaloSoldier

    I hate to agree with D55 but she’s 100% right on this one… Crazy eyes. Beady and crazy. Pic # 3 is the worst ocularly speaking while Pic # 5 is the best — Bohemian attire suits her. Overall, she actually looks like a gay man to me, in the face if not the body. Not hot.

  • not bad

    perfect body, average face, overall hotter than most girls on this site and in real life.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Beautiful girl. And we’re just hearing about her now?

  • Smacky

    I can get over the face, because that bod is sick

  • RockHard

    After looking at Pic#2, my crotch got wet and sticky

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Oh, wow.. I am in love with her outfit on page 4.. however her eyes look somehow cartoonish there lol

  • Stephanie

    there’s something about her face I don’t like. Nice stomach though.