Leryn Franco of Paraguay – Javelin Throw – 2008 Olympic Pics

Here are pics of Leryn Franco’s next to last performance! OW! If you don’t like these there’s always the Leryn Franco calendar and candid pics previously posted.
Paraguay’s Javelin Hottie Leryn Franco Finishes Second to Last

Leryn, 26, a part-time model and bikini contestant, competed August 19 with a disappointing throw that was 12 meters short of her personal best of 55.38 meters. The Paraguayan stunner also competed at the 2004 Athens Olympics, where she placed 42nd overall.

While Leryn enjoys sport and competing, her athletic sex appeal has enabled her to earn extra money by modeling. “Modeling is a way for me to continue with my sport,” Franco said. “The hours are flexible, and you can earn good money through photographic modeling and the catwalk.” Source

  • someMeat4U

    Even when she lost, she a stunner! Pure hottness!!!

  • McPerv

    (1) She is super hot.

    (2) Even when the best of the best are competing, someone has to come in last or second to last. Like the US Relay Teams who can’t even hand a stick to another person.

    (3) She needs to shave her arms, though the arm hair wouldn’t slow me down on this one.

  • Tricks r for this Kid!

    I’m sorry, can we stay on message: Ass & Cameltoe…repeat after me: this ass needs to be plowed, as well as that cameltoe!

  • Big Pimping

    south american hotness yummy

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    i mean its not like she was put on the team just because she’s pretty. she still had to qualify. she just had a bad meet. at least i hope that what happened otherwise countires will start sending hotties instead of athletes

  • Luis

    Armpit hair in pic 2. Eww…

  • Ugly Model

    Her skin looks very smooth… ow…

  • horndog

    i want to fuck her right in front of all the 90,000 people in the stadium

  • Anonymoose

    That would not be such a bad thing. I would not mind watching “Perfect 10” boxing on prime-time network TV.

  • skilligan

    i really really love her. she isn’t an athlete and shouldn’t be allowed at the olympics, but i love her

  • Jaron

    i don’t understand all the hype with this chick.

  • Buck Nasty

    Camel toe , camel toe , camel toe , camel toe , I like it.

  • the cocksmith

    She glows like the fat tip of a banker’s cigar, a tiger under a rainbow at nightfall. She burns like a field of poppies at the edge of a rainforest. She burns like a burning bush, driven by a godawful wind.

    But she can’t throw a stick very far…

  • Tapper

    I think (at least I hope) that is the end of her ponytail hanging down. That would be some kind of armpit hair and would certainly rate an “Ewww” from bastards the world over.

  • BabyJabe

    she has peach eyeshadows, black liner, black mascara and foundation

  • Right Wing Whack Job

    Too bad she is not an American citizen, because it looks like she would lean to the right and vote Republican. It’s going to be a close race and we need all of the help we can get.

    McCain ’08

  • Glimmer

    hmm the size of the watch she’s wearing+javelin throw. a perfect combo…i guess ???????

  • omc

    She looka likea the big amazon kardashian sister.

  • SmSng

    And what if she uses makeup! At least she doesn’t look like a man like some of the other women there

  • Goliano

  • Ali Malekli


  • Yuppers

    Hey, Goliano.

    I read your profile, and I too have seen d55 saying she’s the Dalai Lama.

    If you like to see it, the post was about Kat Dennings at the House Bunny Party. Bitch is crazier than I even thought.

  • Rich M

    By the way whats with the idiot puting the Obama pic up. I love how it says change and he picks a VP who has been a politician for 36 years. Its bad when all you can say is “change” because your policies are complete garbage and you never actually answer a question. He has already changed his mind on several issues. Wonder how many more things he will go back on after being elected.
    One of his best friends is the terrorist John Ayres, went to an anti-white anti-american church for 20 years, and had his house purchased by a convicted felon. Sounds like thats some damn good change there. Funny how the liberal media glosses over all this though.

  • Rich M

    What a bunch of idiots posting on here. Give the girl a break. I doubt any of you jackoffs can get off your couch or computer long enough to do any sport let alone compete in the Olympics. You need to meet a standard to qualify so dont say anything about some backwards country is the only reason she is there. She still needs to meet the Olympic minimum to qualify. Its so easy to bash. Whenever I hear guys rip on a hot chick its usually because you never had anything close to a hot girl in your life and you are glancing over at your typical FAT ass wife and are jealous. My gilrfriend is a model from Moldova and I hear this shit all the time. Jealous ass holes. Calling her arrogant because she likes to look half decent. Whats wrong with looking good. We went to a wedding recently and all I hear is whispers about my girl because she looks great. I get so sick of hearing retards rip on hot girls due to jealousy. Here is a tip boys, when you look good you can be arrogant. End of story.

  • Goliano

    Aww shut up, dittohead!

  • ObeyYourGod

    This is one hot track star.