Birthday Girl Hayden Panettiere Rocks The Golden Bikini! Ow!

Hayden celebrated her 19th birthday earlier this month on August 21st, so she’s slowly inching away from the Barely Legal Bastardly Category! You go girl!

Here are a couple Hayden posts from over the weekend:

Dolphin Lover Hayden Panettiere in a Kinky Leopard Print Dress
Did Hayden Panettiere & Lindsay Lohan Have Lesbian New Years Sex?

  • JTchicago


  • G

    Holy Fuck @ Page 2!

    If that doesn’t get ya hard, y’ought to have ya cock lopped off.

  • JTchicago


    I want to spread her wet creamy tight pussy lips open and stick my tongue deep inside.

  • McPerv

    Those thighs are perfect for biting and grabbing.

  • Dink

    19 and already has birthing hips and thighs.

  • brent

    I’m a thigh guy so hers make me very horny.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    LOL Phil! Your hatred against this broad is simply hilarious!

  • dorkus2

    looks dam hot in that …it’s kind of a Paris Hilton fashion look though.

  • GOD-damnit

    You would know faggot

  • king kong

    i wanna slide my python in her cave

  • the cocksmith

    Granted, she is a stumpy midget: but I’ve just pounded six well drinks and also Erin, in the alley, (whore)…so now I feel unashamed to say i would hammer the living shit out of hayden if only to get back at the establishment.

    Also, if you’re going to pork a midget, who better?

  • Hugh G Rection

    Her legs are getting fat, but I’d still lick her twat for a couple hours.

  • Lose weight, pig

    Fatty Von Dyke.
    Nasty fat trucker dyke…

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Never get to old for Birthday Hats 😛

  • Rhonda

    She looks cute. She’s built like a gymnast.

  • anon

    If she were taller will bigger boobs…but her body rocks anyway. Those are what a women’s thighs are supposed to look like…not like pipecleaners!

  • anon

    “with bigger boobs”

  • saintdevil

    She’s fatter than Britney and has smaller tits, so it totally mystifies me why she gets positive comments here.

  • ninja…

    i bet her text says something like “now that i’m done blowing out the candles… i’m ready to blow something else…”

    which is probably birthday money on some new shoes ya fucking pervs…

  • Phillip McCracken

    nice pecs. i wish mine were as well defined as stumpys are.

    although im glad the back of my thighs have substancially LESS cottage cheese.

  • Auntie Krist

    Perfect hat for a stumpy midget. She is not attractive at all.

  • Katelyn

    I would wear her thighs for a hat.

  • AssRammer

    I think there’s a big ol’ fat girl instead of this stumpy midget, and she wants to come OUT!!!

  • Racer X


    /she looks HOT in that bikini

  • starac foco

    Why is this gnome considered hot in any way? Yuck!

  • Gingerbread

    With that body she should be in Beijing not hanging around in a golden bikini.

  • Mike Litoris

    She’s going to look like a middle-aged housewife in 5 years. Just watch.