• Sierra

    it looks like these designer guys have gathered a bunch of unfortunate young girls, sent them to Auschwitz and then shot them in the face with Homer Simpsons make-up gun to cover up the obvious malnutrition. I feel really really sorry for these girls. They just look sad.

  • wut

    Fucking hell. Less coke, more sandwiches.

  • Ben

    These chicks (well most of them) aren’t Victoria Secrets models, etc, their not sex symbols, their clother hanger, their job is walk the peice of clothing down the runway.
    I seriously tired of people complaining about thin models, if that’s part of the job description for a certain job, well then the girls are going to be thin. Models don’t cause other girls to have eating disorders, it’s just a way of the individual, society and the media shifting the blame onto something, because it’s can’t be an individual’s proplem, oh no they’re not responsible for their own actions. (sarcasm).
    I don’t find really thin girls attractive generally, but I don’t think the fashion designer was thinking whether their good material for a guy to wank over when he cast them, he was looking if the clothes hung on them properly so the people in the audience would like what they see and buy the clothes.
    I could be wrong on that though, I’m not up on fashion, I just like looking at some of the hot models.

  • Ben

    Chick on page 8 and 9 is hot.

  • anya

    The girl on page 8 and 9 is Isabeli Fontana, the VS model:) She is absolutely gorgeous

  • ACE

    Is that who it is? She is gorgeous.

  • brazilian

    amazing girls.

  • Auntie Krist

    Stick figures come to life. These models are atrocious. I guess clothes look good on them hangers.

  • jen9

    it’s really sad how skinny some of these girls are, natasha poly (page 1) and snejana onopka (page 10 gold dress) are so pretty but they are two of the skinniest models, they look so much better with a little more weight.

  • Auntie Krist

    No one wants to bang a skeleton, your penis might get a splinter.

  • vanos28

    boring, isa on pic9 – bou face

  • vanos28


  • L0rd

    yummy,i love bones

  • Ben

    Another thing I find sooooooo annoying is people who say skinny girls are ugly, their not attractive, your’e a pedo if you like them, and people who say voluptuous girls are fat, loose weight, you’re a chubby chaser if you like them.
    Sorry to yell.

  • madida

    On the pic 10 are russian supermodels Snezanna Onopko and Sasha Pivovarova… I don’t know about Pivovarova, but Onopko is a coke-user for years. They really don’t eat abs nothing.

  • ohoo78

    yeah loads of these models are naturally skinny but its not natural to be THAT skinny…take petra nemcova as an example- she is naturally thin, but she revealed that when she was doing runway modelling there was so much pressure on her to be super-thin that she ate nothing but laxatives and apples all day to fit the agency’s ideal
    im not saying ‘oh boo hoo we should all feel sorry for these girls’ because they could choose to do something else which doesnt involve starving yourself, but some of these models dont have any other career options because they started really young and didnt go to uni etc
    and no matter what anyone says, pictures of women looking like this does influence young girls and women-its the power of advertising….if you repeatedly shove an image in front of people, of course they notice it and it affects them, why do you think brands use adverts to sell?

  • Ita Sandwich

    Dude, there’s thin and then there’s holocaust victim. These bodies just ain’t right and dont try to spin it into the “models are supposed to be thin” spiel.

  • Ben

    I agree, but I get so tired of people commenting on just about every model all the time saying their anorexic and shit, I tend to play devils advocate because it annoys me so much. The news and Current Affairs shows are the worst.

  • nunyabizz

    Idiot, there’s a difference between skinny and skeletal. And voluptuous and OBESE! Both skeletal and obese are BAD health-wise and it’s not sexy!

  • shopaholic

    So not hot!

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC


  • aly

    okay when i was a twig all guys did was tell me to get an ass, there is a lot to be said about having a bit of body fat on you. this is why girls like marissa miller are hot, athletic with some muscle not all bones

  • bella

    she looks like dead person yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Goliano

    Why wasn’t this post dedicated to Pam?

  • Kristin

    It looks like something from one of the The Mummy movies.

  • The Devil

    I agree 2000%

    People all complain about models, but it is their job to be skinnier than the rest of us. It’d be like if we complained about NFL Linemen being big 300 pound mammoths. It’s a part of the job description. If you’re selling clothes, you want somebody skinny to show em off, because they make the clothes look better.

    Anybody who develops an eating disorder because of fashion models is just as big of an idiot as somebody who sets themselves on fire because they saw Johnny Knoxville or Steve-O do it on “Jackass”.

  • Frost

    Nasty faces and bodies. No way in hell I’m ever going to be convinced I have to look like that to be “beautiful.”

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    usually i’m down with skinny but this may be too skinny!

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    this is a freak show, and Isabelli’s jaw looks unacceptable. WTF!? the bitch in pic 1 and 2 needs to be force feed quick. i bet she fainted at least twice backstage during the show…

  • Masha

    U Ben r just fucking retarded…..these female humans are sick

  • Masha

    yeah well according to you, there r some people who like to stab and rape and others (normal) who dont….so will just accept the difference right…big deal….they are just DIFFERENT TYPES OF INDIVIDUALS!!!!