Here's Why Michael Bolton Dumped Nicollette Sheridan's Ass

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With all the kinky love Nicky showed him on the beach back in December, you’d think they’d be married by now. Then again, I guess you could’ve said the same thing ten years ago…

Here’s the Bastardly Theory…
Holiday season is quickly approaching and Michael Bolton just wants to hit another ass—preferably something much tighter and younger. Plus, he knows he can get some Nicollette-ass anytime he chooses, so why not live the Flavio Briatore Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?

Watch for Michael to be on the beach with a smokin’ babe come December. Damn you, Michael Bolton, damn you!!

Here’s some more info on the break-up that no one seems to give a shit about…

Bolton, 55, and Sheridan, 44, started dating in 1992 but broke up five years later. They revived their relationship three years ago and announced their engagement in 2006.

“Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have amicably ended their engagement,” Nicole Perna, a publicist for the actress, said in a statement.

“They appreciate your respect for their privacy in this matter,” Perna said. [Yahoo!]