Thandie Newton @ 2008 GQ Men of the Year Awards

Newton’s theory – Thandie Newton interview

As she prepares to portray the most powerful woman in the world, Thandie Newton tells Siobhan Synnot why she has decided to finally put gravity to the test.

USUALLY cast in sympathetic roles, Thandie Newton gets to show her wicked side in the upcoming RocknRolla. Guy Ritchie’s return to the scene of the crime genre has plenty of stylised violence and machine-gun dialogue, and at its centre is Newton playing an egg so hardboiled that even 300’s Gerard Butler cracks up in her presence.

“She’s a cold, cold woman,” says the butter-voiced Newton cheerfully of her femme-fatale accountant – possibly the most unlikely hybrid since alcohol-free lager. And she wouldn’t have her any other way. Despite the shadow of his high-profile wife, Ritchie isn’t known for his powerful women characters, and Newton freely admits she pushed him to toughen up her character. [Scotsman]