What The Hell Did Shannen Doherty Wear To Letterman?!

All Photo Credit: Splash News

I’m pretty sure Shannen could’ve found a better dress to help promote the biggest opportunity her career has seen since the original 90210 ended back in 1994…

‘90210’ is back and as cheesy as ever

Uncle, “90210,” I cry uncle.

I got the feeling the goal of this “Beverly Hills, 90210” sequel was to pummel the audience into submission. Well, the show’s 2-hour premiere on Tuesday night more or less did the trick. (The fact that the show aired at midnight, thanks to the very long Cubs game that pre-empted the “90210” premiere on WGN-Ch. 9, may have had something to do with my inability to put up a fight.)

What helped me stay awake in the wee hours was a little game I played during the premiere. I timed many scenes to see if they lasted longer than 30 seconds. Once in a great while, a scene would last almost 45 seconds (an eternity!). But much of the rest of the premiere played like a choppy music video – lots of music, some talking, more music, more pretty people, more bling, more aerial shots of mansions and Beverly Hills road signs. [Chicago Tribune]