Fashion Rating: Mel B Lookin' in @ 2008 BMI Urban Awards

Photo Credit: Splash News

Did Mel down a few shots of vodka before proceeding to paint herself blue for the evening?! If anything, she just looks like a (really) tired entertainer reaching for something which she can’t grasp anymore.

As you guys know, Mel B & her old Spice Girls posse hooked up for a world tour late last year, which ran through this Feb. Believe it or not, but the success of the brief tour set the stage for her to release a fourth album. Here’s what she has to say about the tunes which are scheduled to drop later this year:

“It’s an R&B-pop kind of thing, a cross between early Pink and Destiny’s Child. Urban pop. That’s what I do best, where I come from, what people know me for, I’ve recorded four songs so far with some really great people,” she says. [Source]

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Terrible from head to toe. Normally, I find her somewhat attractive, but she's not in these pics.