Lydia Hearst @ Calvin Klein's 40th Anniversary Party

Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw (born 19 September 1984) is an American model and an heiress to the publishing fortune established by her maternal great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst.[1] The 2007 Michael Awards recognized her as their Model of the Year.

Lydia is a columnist for Page Six Magazine, which comes in the Sunday edition of the New York Post, and she appeared on the cover of the Sept. 30, 2007, issue of the magazine. Wiki

  • Jaron

    my god she is incredible

  • Juggern8

    Not a single blemish on her body. No moles. No sun spots. No zits. No scars. Nothing.

    That is what is so scary about her. But her beauty is fascinating. Gorgeous.

  • Cinque

    she is flawless

    her skin is incredible

    i want her

    her mother was a fox

  • Frost

    Enough with the flat chests and plunging necklines: sternums aren’t sexy.

  • ACE

    She may have the prettiest face of all the top models.

  • Leni

    beautiful and sexy

  • d_jologs

    face of an angel that I would want to fuck to the point of death, legs that would damn look nice wrapped around me, even those small tits look good on her.

  • the kitten

    her hair and makeup look good here, but thats about it. i dont think i need to say again how i feel about women wearing shorts as a dressy item

  • Nocturna

    it`s called foundation you idiot she has it all over that`s how much of a snob she is..and insecure as shit…no tits whatsoever

  • Sprmcandy

    Goodness she has fucking HOT legs like no tomorrow. Pretty girl.

  • sandra

    very very pretty.. She looks good with small boobs and her legs are great
    Like said before she kinda looks like an angel