Fashion Rating: Maria Bello @ "Eagle Eye" LA Premiere

These were snapped @ Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Maria Bello Pulls a Damon on Sarah Palin

We usually see Towelhead’s Maria Bello in small-type flicks like A History of Violence or her Oscar-nom’d turn in The Cooler. What’s her hang-up with H’wood? Is she afraid she’d be cheating on independent film if she scored a big-budget part as Wonder Woman or something? “It’s not so much that my heart belongs to independent movies,” said M.B. at the creepy new flick’s premiere. “I’m interested in good roles for women. And perhaps more studio roles are starting to get better for women, I’m not sure.” Stick with what you’re doing, Bel-babe, it’s working. [E! Online]

About the flick:

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) returns home after the mysterious death of his successful twin brother. He and a single mother, Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan), find out that they have been framed as terrorists, and they are threatened into becoming members of a cell tasked to assassinate a politician. [Source]

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