Olivia Wilde @ 60th Primetime Emmy Awards

‘House’ Star Olivia Wilde on Which Characters Thirteen Might Make Out With

Thirteen just came out as bisexual, and your character on The O.C. was bisexual as well. Do you think it’s a vibe you’re giving off?

[Laughs.] This is only my second time playing a character who’s bisexual, and I’ve played a lot of straight people, but of course people don’t care about that. But in both of these cases the sexuality of the character was created before I met the writers. And I think in both cases, in The O.C. and in House, it’s not a situation where it’s two girls making out as a rating booster. It’s not some kind of Girls Gone Wild ploy. On House I definitely think it’s a great twist. Because whenever anyone sees a young woman in the same room with House, they think they’re going to get it on. And now, they’ve created this person who you don’t know, you know? If she’s in the same room with Cuddy, are you going to assume the same thing about them? I sort of love that it’s going to keep people guessing. You’re never going to be able to say, “Okay, yawn, now I know who’s going to get together. This is so predictable.” Source

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    very interesting face, shes nice!

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    Bi’ or not, I’d love to hit this one up over and over just as long as Dr. House doesn’t step in and kill me with his terrible medical analysis.

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    Yes, very hot. I liked the dress initially, but the more pics I looked at, the more I realized the shoulder ruffle things are a little ill-advised.

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    Walking coathanger. I’ll give her the pretty face, but that’s it.

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    This lady is gorgeous and the notion that she somehow needs “improving” (by “buying boobs”) is just plain silly.