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Flashback 2005: Gisele Bundchen Brings The Afternoon Links!

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– Halloween In Vegas… Baby! [CO-ED Magazine]
– Avril Lavigne With a Tranny Joker [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]
– Madonna And Alex Rodriguez Get Cozy [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Joe Francis slams Samantha Ronson [Celebslam]

– 5 Most Injury-Plagued Sports Stars [Complex]
– Quotes From The Botox Diaries [Dlisted]
– Say Hello to Sasha Fierce [Yeeeah!]
– Kristen Stewart is a Happy Girl [Derek Hail]
– Audrina Patridge talks about what matters [The Blemish]

– Talentvolle Deense robot-dansers [Flabber]
– Bridget Marqardt is a Goofy Weirdo [Celeb Parasite]
– Is Kate Hudson dating Baron Davis? [Cele|bitchy]
– Adriana Lima Presents Emanuela de Paula (NICE!!!) [The Bastardly Society]

– Cheryl Cole Keeps Getting Hotter [The Grumpiest]
– Happy Halloween: Sarah Michelle Gellar [Popoholic]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

And, of course…

Hayden Panettiere @ Blackberry Bold Launch Party

19 year old political expert Hayden Panettiere recently came out saying that she praises celebrity politics. Yawn, boring, we don’t give a fuck what she has to say. Seriously, how many legal-aged voters are out there saying, “I’m going to cast my vote because of Hayden Panettiere!”

“One of the major reasons why, especially young people, have come out and done so much to play a part in this election – and who are really getting out there and voting this time around – is because of the celebrity endorsements, because of how popular this election has become, and how much in the news, and how much it’s taken over, you know, our society.” Source

Kendra Wilkinson was The Party Ho @ Mariah’s Halloween Party!

Photo Credit: Jose Perez / Splash News

So yeah, Kendra Wilkinson was surrounded by rich & famous music industry pimps at a really hot Halloween party last night in midtown Manhattan hosted by Mariah Carey & husband Nick Cannon. It’s every Playmate’s dream come true to hit up one of these, to say the least!

With dudes like Evan Ross, Lil Jon and Busta Rhymes in the house, we’re convinced Kendra was involved in in at least one or two hip-hop-flavored gang bangs during & after the big bash. After all, why else would anyone invite Playboy Playmates?! This is just a case of Nick Cannon lookin’ out for all the brothas! Ow!

Anyway, enjoy the Bastardly treats on the following pages…

Sexy Adriana Lima & Her Tico Berries on Last Night’s Ugly Betty!

Photo Source: Mode NY

Adriana was absolutely amazing on last night’s episode. Since I’m not gay (not that anything’s wrong w/ that, of course) or have a thing for high fashion, this was my very first & probably last episode of Ugly Betty. Adri was on the show for a special photo shoot showcasing a sacred Brazilian fruit called Tico berry, which she claims is the secret behind her beauty. Granted Adriana’s appearance isn’t going to land her an Emmy anytime soon, but her undeniable hotness more than makes up for the lack of acting skills. Go Adriana!!

Here’s a preview of Adriana:

I know you bastards don’t give a shit about her, but Super bitch Lindsay Lohan was also on the show. Linds portrayed herself as the office kiss-ass bitch who’ll do anything or anyone to get ahead. We all know one of these, right? Anyway, Lindsay’s character could’ve been dragged out at least a couple more episodes, but thankfully ABC’s execs played their cards wisely & booted her off the show. Mode Magazine’s security ultimately had to escort Lindsay off the photo shoot set after she got angry & tossed Adri’s basket of sacred Brazilian Tico berries into the pond. It would’ve been cool if they tossed Lindsay into the pond, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Anyway, here are the official pics from the photo shoot! You can read the article about Adri & her Tico berries on Mode Magazine’s official website.

Eva Longoria & Mario Lopez @ Blackberry Bold Launch Party

This whole “we’re like totally bff” crap has got to stop already. Can’t Tony Parker see through the smoke screen?!? Leave her ass!! She’s only got a few more years tops on her desirable meter!!! She’s already 33 years old and you’re only 26 year old!!! Rather than be with a woman 7 years older than you, find yourself a girl that’s 7 years younger than you!!!

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