Chanelle Hayes Looks For Sugar Daddy @ Funky Buddha!

Having signed with Eminence Records[23], 7th Heaven (Ministry of Sound) have released a mix of Chanelle’s new song “I Want It” for the dance clubs.[24][25] Chanelle’s Original “I Want It” song and music video has premiered on MTV. The CD and online download of the song (including three different mix versions and a 7th Heaven radio mix music video) was officially released on Monday 12 May 2008. The song entered the official UK Singles Chart at No. 63.[26] The 7th Heaven and Club Junkies Remixes of the song reached top 10 in combined DJ club charts. Highest position No.2 in the UK Pop Club Charts (30/04/08)[27] and No.9 in the Upfront Club Charts.[28]. Wiki

  • Ugly Model

    That video looks very slutty. That chubbet seems to have potential. I wholeheartedly approve.

  • ThatsJustWrong

    Just threw up a little.

  • jennyla

    I don’t like her face, mostly her eyes, but her body is hot. Fucking psychos. Fat my ass.

  • JTchicago

    I dunno who she is, but pretty and sexll.