Jamie Lynn Spears Went Shopping At Wal-Mart!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Jamie Lynn Spears Responds To Rumors Of Fiance Casey Aldridge’s Infidelity

Spears defended her fiance and accused the women who alleged that Aldridge was dating them of doing it for the attention. “What happened was that one of those girls did it, and in this small town when one of them does it, they’re all like, ‘Good idea,’ ” she explained. “They all jumped on the bandwagon.”

She also flat-out denied any rumors that 28-year-old Kelli Dawson is pregnant with Aldridge’s child, saying that Dawson has a reputation for not telling the truth. “That is just completely fabricated,” Jamie Lynn added. “He never had an intimate relationship with her, so how would that be possible? Around here, that particular girl is known to make up stories.” Source