Kelly Brook: “Fat Pig” at the Comedy Theatre in London

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Fat Pig: Kelly Brook has a pencil waist and rabbit-thigh legs, but she is not a great interpreter of a role

Miss Brook is an earnest little thing. She has the pencil waist and rabbit-thigh legs of a cartoon Wilma Flintstone. A less gallant man than your critic would marvel at her embonpoint.

But she is not a great interpreter of a role. The voice reaches a tinny cruising altitude and has difficulty finding another note.

When hoping to convey impatience she does that schoolgirl thing of crossing her eyes and staring high to the side boxes.

You could, if you were loyal, argue that the character she plays – an office bimbo – is a total blank. In which case Miss Brook has secured a triumph. But it might simply be that she is a poor actress. Source