Avril Lavigne Performs @ Nokia / Spike Lee Collaboration Film

Avril Lavigne, Deryk Whibley ‘Strongly Deny’ Marital Problems

That’s according to a statement posted Tuesday on Whibley’s band Sum 41’s MySpace page, under the title “Totally False Gossip,” denying a report in the National Enquirer that his two-year marriage to Lavigne was on the rocks, and that he had recently put his career on the backburner “in favor of partying.”

“The National Enquirer … [has] issued a gossip story surrounding Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and his wife Avril Lavigne. For the record we strongly deny the inference of martial problems between Avril and Deryck,” the statement reads. “We also strongly deny the National Enquirer claims of any other liaisons. Deryck has in fact been traveling through Asia performing with Avril as evidenced by the numerous YouTube videos.” Source

  • higdonius

    she is so fuckable.

  • You Ought To Know Better

    I honestly think that she doesn’t get fucked right by that dweeb/douchebag husband of hers, Avril’s music is ass and her image sucks but we can all agree that ALL she NEEDS is a good fuck, then maybe she will stop acting like a child.

    One can hope, can’t one?

  • so pathetic

    shes getting fat and i bet she never ever works out. stop dressing like a 12-year old.

  • Anonymoose

    I’d like to see her naked and bouncing on a trampoline. I dunno why.