Adriana Lima Spices up Paris Vogue Magazine

If you guys missed Adriana decked out in a blinged-out $5 million Fantasy Bra, check it here.

And, for those interested, here’s Adri’s latest thoughts on Mommy Ale…

“Alessandra is going to be a wonderful mommy and real-life model for Anja,” she said at the launch of the new Supermodel Obsessions line at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square. “She is beautiful inside and out and so down-to-earth. She is grounded and kind.” The two stunners are longtime friends and Adriana tells us, “I’ve been working with Victoria’s Secret for 11 years! I started at the age of 17 and here I am the same girl—I haven’t changed at all. Well…maybe a little! The most important thing I always tell the new girls is to remember to be kind, elegant and nice to everyone!” [NY Post]

Thanks, PS!

  • Snowflake

    What a disappointment. Her face doesn’t look good in any of the pics and her skin looks bad too. Wth is going on with the jaw line on pic 8. Could be coz of the scarf.

  • oyevay

    Now, I’ve never read a fashion magazine, but I gotta say I wasn’t expecting the clothes to look like they were picked out by some high schooler. Ah well. Adriana looks very pretty here. I love that smile:D

  • oh no

    picture 8 is my favorite

  • gross

    why the hell is there fur in every single picture? I hate fur, and everyone who wears it! Dusgustingggg!!!

  • jennyla

    I love the name Anja!

    This photoshoot, bracelets and purses are tacky as dog shit. Adriana manages to make it look beaut-i-ful.

  • miki

    She is a-maaaazing.

  • slrjn

    could she be anymore perfect.


  • bra inspector

    She was born in 1981, started to work for Victoria’s Secret when she was 17, and is now 27. Let’s see 27 – 17 is…….10 years, not 11 years! Yes, I know, she is not paid to be able to perform basic math skills. She is paid to look gorgeous and stare with her eyes.

  • d55

    I hate how there is fur in every single pic…disgusting