Rebecca Loos & Fake Boobs @ Times BFI London Film Festival 2008

Photo Credit: Justin Goff/Ken Goff Photos Ltd/

Even though her boobies are fake, I have to admit Rebecca’s doing a great job in showing them off. I’m pretty sure D. Beckham had fun motorboating those babies when he was cheating on Posh.

For those of you who don’t know this woman, here’s a lil’ info:

Rebecca Loos (born on 19 June 1977[1] in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish born English glamour model and aspiring singer who holds Dutch citizenship.[2] She is primarily known to the public because she allegedly conducted an affair with David Beckham, while being a personal assistant to the English football player, and has since carved a media career from this and continues to feature as a television personality. [Wiki]