Confirmed: Adrienne Bailon Nude Picture Scandal is a PR Stunt

So yeah, as we speculated yesterday, Adrienne’s nude pics aren’t really nude pics, but rather, innocent ass shots. Is this her weak ass attempt to swindle a reality show or sell a few Cheetah Girls albums or what?! Come on, now! The price of fame is a little more expensive than this, baby!

Note to Adrienne: You’ll either need to “leak” a few more pics w/out the bra or aim your camera a lil’ lower, but these pics are simply not gonna cut it. If you need help in creating a real scandal, please consult Kim! She’ll even take the pics for you!

  • Alec Hugh Schtitties

    PR Stunt or no, I’d still fuck her brains out.

  • Long Island

    I Bet Kim talked her into doing this. That’s how Kim jump-started her fame.

  • ass

    stupid stunt, but I’d still like to stick it in her cunt

  • Davis

    She’s sexy great body and a pretty face BUT let’s see the TITTIES…the titties are the most important thing to show when you put out pictures like this.

  • jimmyfdgdf

    SEXY. I have viewed her hot pix on Loving Rich… c o m. Did you find that?

  • Alec Hugh Schtitties

    PR Stunt or no, I’d still fuck her brains out.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i feel the need to coem out of front page hibernation to respond to this.

    uh, hi? PR STUNT? DUH…..lest we forget who shes engaged to? oh yeah, the brother of the queen of fucking uselessness….Kim Kardashian, and, SURPRISE why is she famous?

    i guess the Slutdashian girls are imparting some of their world advice on their future Sister-In-Law…

    “people start to not give a fuck about you, or you want to blow your career up? RELEASE SOME SORT OF RACY PICTURES HONEY!!!”

    that fucking house is a STD farm. i bet the dudes who film that show are required to wear that fucking hazmat suits they make the workers at toxic dumps wear so they dont get infected by some uncureable disease.

    fucking PATHETIC.

  • jamieson

    her face looks better here than any other pic. and damn thats a sweet ass

  • Goliano

    Adrienne’s a real ASSet to the Kardashian family.

  • Goliano

    The next time you feel the need, just ignore it.

  • Phillip McCracken

    yeah god forbid someone around here tells it how it is when it comes to the whoredashian family, and what is gonna be their extended family…

  • Goliano

    How about that Obama!?

  • ralph

    she is only 4’11” OMG. That’s tiny. I like it.

  • azezeal

    Was there really any ever doubt that it was just a PR stunt?

  • ralph

    she is 25. Thats a long way from a teenager. Shes older than most girls that pose for playboy. Retards. HOT btw

  • Boz

    Holy fuck, sweet mother of Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with all teenagers nowadays?

  • Some Guy

    Anyone with a brain would have known this was a PR stunt. So pathetic.

  • ninja…

    we need a pic of raven’s stink, fat, dorito crumbed taint…

    not for necessarily for enjoyment, but mainly for consistency…

  • kdjk

    This is the same broad who once wore a t-shit that said “J-HO” aimed of course @ j.lo & then they made her apologize. It’s obviously she needs some attention.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    She has a bangin’ body but what a desperate publicity stunt. What, Maxim wasn’t calling?

  • balls of doom

    This is just nuts!

  • Ugly Model

    That ass looks fat but it would get a good pounding just for good measure.

  • Razer Rick

    I would probably get a hard on quicker looking at myself in the mirror…bitch is fuckin stupid YOU WANT TO START A NUDE SACANDAL YOU MUST BE “NUDE” IN ORDER TO DO IT. This shit don’t cut it.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    erm… nice ass. i don’t like this chick though. never have, and semi naked pics won’t help the cause. which is saying alot…

  • smog

    makes my dick hard. rock hard

  • joey

    Never heard of this girl before in my life. Adrienne would be so much hotter if it weren’t for that tattoo. She’s got one tight little package I’d love to sample, especially that booty.

  • d55

    how the hell is that ass tight, nice, whatever? that’s a concave ass…a major bone is sticking on top of her ass while the rest of her ass (where it’s supposed to get bigger) is curving downward.

  • d55

    and yeah, she’s a ugly pathetic whore.

  • d55

    sticking out*

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Seriously, PR is so fucking strict.