Doutzen Kroes w/ her Man Toy @ 2008 VS Fashion After Party

These were snapped @ 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party. Check out Doutzen’s runway & backstage pics!

These two lovebirds were spotted on the beach back in September, so it appears they’ve been sexing it up for quite some time. From first look, Doutzen appears to be a slightly chick, but seeing how she’s open to cross the tracks when it comes to sexual partners, I’m pretty sure she’s into all types of experimentation when it comes to sex. More power to the dude in the pic! (Damn bastard.)

With Barack winning the presidency earlier this month and brothas sleeping w/ world class hotties like Doutzen Kroes, when are the sistas gonna step up & do something big?!

  • Moelicious

    hey, we gotta give the long oppressed brothas props where it’s due. It’s a celebration on his behalf, that’s all.

  • d.

    ow! that’s one very hot man! they look great together

  • Goliano

    A celebration of what? There are no props deserved for being with a white woman. Race doesn’t matter.

  • Faggit

    You r gay, their i said it

  • Player

    Moe you are killing me with your nonsense

  • CATHY R.


  • Germany

    gorgeous supertalent

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Good for them, though. They are a nice-looking couple. As long as she keeps her stomach covered up.

  • Maria

    There are a lot of beautiful, successful, powerful black women. What does that have to do with interracial relationships?

  • Rhonda

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Wake up and join the 21st century.

  • Rhonda

    And, bring back the tracking tab so we can find our posts easier. Or, at least give us a reason for taking it away. It was the best feature on here.

  • Aisha P

    Well, that was certainly a stupid and ill thought out comment

  • Goliano

    Only lemmings and elderly bigots.

  • Rhonda

    Why is this still an issue in the 21st century? She’s white, he’s black. Big deal. They’re a beautiful couple…period. NOT a beautiful interracial couple.

  • balls of doom



  • Richard-Schlichting

    Looks like a cross between Denise Ryan and Rachel Hunter sans the rack….In that department she kind of in league with Hayden…..pectoral nightmare!

  • Jed

    Do people really still make a big deal when others date outside their race? The taboo aspect of it should be over.

  • Goliano


  • azezeal

    Who ever she dates is her bussiness i normaly find her very hit and miss but she looks alright here

  • d55

    This is so refreshing. I think when couples are opposites of each other look-wise, they look better together than they do on their own. The difference just seems to compliment.

  • Ugly Model

    At least there will be more black women for white men who like the chocolate.

  • Player

    Nice face but she is as flat as a pancake.

  • psm88

    shes stunning

    who cares who she dates

  • Yas

    She can do whomever she wants to…I don’t care and it is not any of my business. Maybe that’s what she prefers and is attracted to…He is a good looking man.

  • Rhonda

    Oh, shit! I shouldn’t have read your comment while drinking. Now excuse me while I clean off my monitor.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC


    Can we call this, “Caveman Sexy”?

  • Cammella

    My names damla, I live in Florida, a big ebay prostitute and Im a stupid slut.

  • Cammella

    My name is Richturd Shitking, I stalk all the new young girls on here and Im a big old stupid perv.