Selita Ebanks: 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Runway

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
I think Selita Ebanks is still trying to convince us that the short hair is doing it for her. Let’s recall last year, when her hair was long… is she better or just plan worse with the short hair?

  • Holly

    I never really took notice of her before but wow she is sexy

  • azezeal

    This hair style esp on Pic 8 is really really working for her

  • the kitten

    i think short hair is very becoming on her. of course if i were on her, id be coming too. haha ok that was lame
    but yea i like the hair, im just surprised VS didnt give her extensions for the show cause all the other girls have long flowing hair

  • Goliano

    Why should she look like all the other girls? That would also be lame.