Mischa Barton Took Her Shapeless Legs Out For A Smoke

It’s great to see that Mischa’s smoking her legs back into shape. Kate Beckinsale, Alessandra Ambrosio and many other hotties prove that a healthy dosage of cigs can make any woman really hot, so let’s hope smoking works its magic on Mischa.

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mischa: "so you are certain that concealer works on varicose veins?"

mischa: "it's so cool that you smoke camel no. 9's too!!!"

mischa: "yes, yeast infections really do grow faster in leather pants. take it from someone that knows sister..."

mischa: "yeah, the headband thing is a stupid trend... but so is your lesbianism."

mischa: "this automatically makes you a g-celebrity... milk it by getting a VH1 show..."

mischa: "yeah, i'm down with the carpet munchers... the last red carpet had the best lobster bisque..."

mischa: "here is the deal, you walk out of this alley then ask for my autograph really frantic-like... oh shi-! the paps are already here! Quick, we are lesbians considering our next controversial blog post..."

mischa: "whoa, too bad it isn't halloween... we could of totally been a hillbilly jim morrison and a badly dressed c-list celebrity..."

mischa: "leather pants and plaid are so out of style... Here is some advice from a person in the know... You have to wear a tow rope tiara, greek goddess dress and show off your shapeless legs like there's no 15 minutes left..."


she looks like one of the manson gang