Elisha Cuthbert @ 2008 GQ Men of the Year Awards

This makes 2 straight appearances that Elisha Cuthbert has looked pretty good to me. She got a pass on the short hair earlier this year because I was distracted by the bikini she was wearing. We’ve caught her a couple times in a bikini this year and she makes sure that we get some good full length shots while we’re at it.

  • John Holmes

    She does look a little beat up here. Nothing a little airbrushing wouldn’t help. And the bitch seriously needs to show those tits. You can be a bad actress or a prude, but not both. ps. someone pass that bit of wisdom along to Jessica Alba.

  • Boz

    What the fuck had happened to Elisha, she used to be the hottest girl next door but now!??! seriously, man, she looks terrible here..

  • Rhonda

    How can you tell? Actually, I didn’t realize it was a pet peeve until today. LOL!

  • Rhonda

    She’s cute, but needs a new chin and an attitude adjustment.

  • ACE

    Now I’m fixated on her chin….it’s worse than Nikki Reed’s!

  • ACE

    Are bad chins your pet peeve? lol

  • Colostomio

    Yeah it looks like an axe murderer went after her, whacked her in the chin, and then thought, “Aw, forget it. I’m too tired to finish her off.”

  • Sprmcandy

    Pretty Pretty Lady.

  • concubine