Bai Ling After Parties In Her Rice Chaser Friendly Overalls!

Photo Credit: Splash News
These were snapped @ a 2008 American Music Awards after party held at club ‘Social’ in Hollywood, The event featured a special performance by Lady Gaga.

If you missed Bai Ling’s 2008 American Music Awards-flavored nipple, hit this up! And, since I know your day won’t be complete w/out some Bai Ling wisdom, here it is straight from our tasty lil’ Gyoza

Old beautiful classic car and a mystery with a mafia in a night club but in a hip fashionable way……unfold the love and the passion and the story……
Went to the American music award last night, decided last munits and got there just in time for the red carpet to shot down and missed the openning, don’t know why this way, but it just happend, well like I said that’s life, things happen and you just have to missed it, dam, the openning!

But the show was fun, nice stage and performace, pink was good, a lot of energy and power, I always enjoy her, and the new kids from the block or down the street or back on the street boys something like that I think its called, yes for sure! actrully it was fun, every body stand up for them like they suddenly found theirr long lost old sons who are already gradfather for 11 months, no they look really cool, of cause I know nothing about them, they are not exisiting in the world where I came from, the wolf text message to us to the moon one day, but with so many band we actrully did not have the time to listen the CD……. Then the pussycats, I like them sitting in the car and wish it was my qiji there showing her wildness beauty……then Paris was there posing, it was funny to see always, but she looked good, then Bailing walks in with a light on her forehead hinding inside her bang, she always dressed up crazy, of cause we can’t blame her she is from the moon, but she looked sexy and elegent in her own way, I wonder why is she there? I heard she made a record, I think she want all of you out there to litson to her songs, I was so curiouse and spend 33 days found her number and called her up, she was very nice and friendly but the whole time she was Texing I think to her moon lover, because strange loud beaps keep pop to my eyes….. Like i am in a space club…..I did and really loved it, so hip and fun and cool and it made me laugh and the high fever landed on me sexy, I ganernty you will all have the same effect and love it and can not get the songs off your Brian for 7 days 7month 7years till you want it in your head all the time……I heard Her producer is working on get it out, have to figure it out the best way? [Read more…]