Adriana Lima & Heidi Klum Did The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet!

Photo Credit: Splash News

Adriana Lima & Heidi Klum were plugging VS goodies on the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet earlier today in NYC. Watch the video of their visit down below. The Angels showcase the latest VS products on live models.

Watch the video!

Remember, Adriana & Heidi will be on the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Fashion Show airing on CBS later tonight. If you don’t wanna check em out on TV, hit up the runway pics for both women: Adriana Lima & Heidi Klum.

Here are a few more pics of Adriana leaving the show. I know she done up w/ tons of makeup, but she’s looking absolutely beautiful in these pics!

  • juanjo

    conan i agree with you. ADRIANA it’s a GODDESS no one can’t compare to her & marco jaric it’s the luckiest bastard ever. THE END

  • jennyla

    lol he does not he looks like a sweetheart and he looks like he’s in love with her or something, aawww 🙂

  • jennyla

    I just adore the way she talks, it is so cute, I think its the thing I like most about her…

  • CATHY R.


  • Bossy

    LOL “gives the illusion of hip”…I don’t think most women need shorts to give the illusion of hips, guess it’s a super model twig thing

  • Me

    Serial killer? lol
    Adriana is gorgeous.

  • mr_hankey

    Isn’t the fun starting to wear off by now?

  • Moelicious

    Ya, seriously. I figured we could just ignore the all caps anger dishing, but it appears this person is relentless in their pursuit to be a fucking whorebag

  • Rhonda

    And, she’s getting the attention she so desperately craves. Perhaps this is cheaper than therapy.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    Adriana is looking absolutly beautiful here… but i can’t help but notice the dodgy looking dude in pic 1. dude has the face of a potential serial killer.


  • shandi

    aw her accent is so cute!

  • azezeal

    potential? i’d say thats the face of a man who just killed and has planed his next, very cold looking