Breaking News!! Ashley Tisdale Still Drinking Fiji Water!

Photo Credit:
These were pics were snapped yesterday as Ashley Tisdale and her dog headed to their hotel.

Companies looking to pimp their products to kids should really keep a close eye on Ashley Tisdale. She’s pretty much the most loyal brand whore celebrity in the biz. She religously gets her caffeine fix from The Coffee Bean & from what we’ve noticed over the past couple years, she also swears by Fiji water. Setting drinks aside, Ashley also loves LV purses, shawls–you name it! Anyway, if, God forbid, Ashley’s 30 & totally broke, we’ll all know exactly why…

Product Placement Shout-outs:
1. The Coffee Bean
2. Fiji Water

  • mlady

    i hate the whole high school musical crew. disney has gone too far. fuuuuuuuck ashley tisdale. annoying bitch

  • ThatsJustWrong

    Why is this child on this site?

  • Goliano

    That dog is askin’ for it… smug lil bastard!