Nicola McLean Models D-G Cup Bras For Ultimo!

Photo Credit: Splash News

I didn’t know there was a big enough market for there to be a spokesmodel for D-G cup sized bras, but I guess there’s a market for everything, regardless of how obscenely large or small. We decided to run with this story only because we know huge boobies on a small frame turns some of you bastards on, but Nicola should really do something about all that excess skin on her stomach. Lucky for Nicola, Tara Reid wins hands down for scariest mutant stomach.


if she is a mommy then I give her a pass, just this once.

Long Island
Long Island

Who the hell hired her to do this shit?



Never stand in the way of a black man when he's out to get some McChiken and McWatermelon:

Was that bonecrusher or goliano??? The dude sure crushed that poor woman's bones. :P


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LOL @ Goliano

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horny guy
horny guy

right on rrrcraz...If she took that top off i bet we'd see a bad boob job...she's pretty and I could live with the strech marks but girls listen up there is nothing worse than a bad boob job.


a nice looking girl, nothing between the ears, don't mind the stretch marks! for once it's nice to see a few pics not airbrushed!

those plastic boobs are awful especially when she's wearing that red bra in pic 3!


She's very pretty. If she was here and I was nailing that, I wouldn't give a crap about the stretch marks. And, I happen to like fake tits, so that's fine with me.


Hmm, she does nothing for me either...


she should take some of that pancake on her face

and rub it on her stomach

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

The stretch marks are fine it the rest of her thats not nice,

Good - legs, tummy, smile

bad - implants, dye and makeup




Stretch marks never go away, but they will fade over time.


Hey Now!! boing* boing* Merry christmas!! She is all I want for xmas.. So hot!! Man..


Holy Fuck, look at that belly!


ok they're not that bad

just when she's bending down... ew, that's extremely gross

they're really not bad like I said, but the boobs need to go


Just goes to show what the media forces us to believe is HOT. Gross, bring back the fucking photoshop, some people need it 24/7.


LAUGHS [spraying coffee outta nose]


I thought she is a mummy of 2 kiddos.

Either way, nature is nature. Child bearing is hard has hell on the body, no matter how good in shape you are.


Wow! Looking at these just made me feel a whole lot better about my body.


This woman is going to have back problems in her 40's.

Go Home And Get Ya Fucking Shinebox
Go Home And Get Ya Fucking Shinebox

Ewww, she should rub cocoa butter and vitamine E oil on her stretch marks 2 to 3 times a day. That shit will disappear after a while.


Much like you've accepted your fate as a dickless wonder.


Gotta hate fake titted whores, if you don´t have tits just fuckin accept it.


It's perfectly natural. I just wonder what made her think modeling something like this wouldn't make it stick out like a sore thumb.


she had a baby 2 years ago


stretchmarks are normal. its those huge silicones that are not.


Did she have a baby or lose a bunch of weight?


Busted face! Stretch marks happen, you just decide to retire from modeling before you do this again.