Rosario Dawson @ “Seven Pounds” L.A. Premiere

Rosario Dawson (ref. her wearing a bikini) plays a lead role opposite Will Smith in Seven Pounds. She plays a patient in need of a heart transplant and Will Smith’s cynical character falls in love with her.

Here’s what director, Gabriele Muccino , said about Rosario in an attempt to get in her pants:

“Rosario is extremely beautiful,” said Muccino, “but I didn’t do anything to underline that beauty. I tried everything possible to bring out her inner beauty, strength, wit and cleverness, which are part of her real persona.” Source

  • skilligan

    always looks good

  • Pablo Kasinski

    This is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Absolutely gorgeous with incredible, dark skin and really luscious, hairy arms that I want to suck on. She must smell fantastic. Love Rosario Dawson!

  • Goliano

    Too Friggin’ Beautiful.