Scarlett Johansson Tissue With Snot & Lipstick Selling For $2000+

Video Credit: NBC

Earlier today we reported that Jennifer Aniston gave her “nude in GQ” tie to David Letterman when she appeared on his show last night. Well, not to be outdone, Scarlett was on Leno last night promoting her own new movie “The Spirit” (which also releases Christmas Day) and happened to be battling a “celebrity cold” courtesy of Mother Fucking Samuel L. Jackson.

In the giving spirit of the holidays, Jay & Scarlett decided to raise some money for charity Harvest USA by putting up a tissue filled w/ yummy Scarlett Johansson snot & lipstick on Ebay. And, if that wasn’t enough, they put the tissue inside a ziplock bag that Scarlett later autographed with a blue Sharpie! You go girl!!

Long story short, current bid sits @ $2151. Have some cash to blow? Bid today!


Wow, whoever buys that is really sad...