• Garth

    I really do not like Russians

  • davidla

    I cannot believe I am saying this but Naomi is getting fat. She has never been bigger. Father time is finally catching up with her.

  • CATHY R.


  • hi

    I wish my life was so hard that I had nothing better to do than hang out on perfect beaches. Naomi looks good.

  • pedro sanchez

    by the way i would fuck naomi aka crazy bitch

  • Mike Litoris

    …and off they go, so she can kick the shit out of him and jam that stupid blue pipe up his ass. I wonder how much that runs him a day? Oh It must be great to be a billionare.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Look I’m really sorry if y’all have been living in some dream world where you will NEVER age..sorry I said that, it was a lil harsh to tell it like that 😉

  • Davis

    Naomi Campbell is very overrated. I never thought she was attractive in the first place. Don’t understand the hype…I see better looking women walking down the street everyday.

  • Mac

    Why is there never no ass shots of this lady….I want to see if sees holding or not!!!

  • Shaun

    What’s the title of this movie? Three men and a monkey?

  • 12-12 FL OZ

    and what are you the producer? a Backwood Inbred Redneck Production? its almost 2009 get over it! if you can’t move to W. Virginia.