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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Brings The Afternoon Links!

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Miley Cyrus’s Almost Illegal Wardrobe Malfunction! SO NOT COOL!

Photo Credit: Splash News

We report filthy celebrity news and these pics of Miley definitely falls into that exclusive & slightly scandalous category.

I swear, we didn’t take the pic, so direct all hateful comments to the paparazzi, Miley’s money grubbing parents & agents who are simply using this poor girl’s youth to enrich themselves & investors (Disney).

For obvious reasons, these pics fall into that highly controversial grey area, but I figured posting them might lead to conversations about how kids are exploited in today’s entertainment industry. It’s really sad, if you think about it. Everyone from Jonas Brothers to Miley—the industry has some seriously sick problems.

And, with that in hand, here are a couple more pics of Miley’s shopping trip with older sister Brandi at Royal Dutchess in L.A.

Camilla Belle Looking Sexy @ “Push” Premiere in L.A.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Camilla Belle’s “Push,” not to be confused with the wildy acclaimed (by film critics) drama “Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire” which swept through Sundance a couple weeks back with three awards, is an action flick set to drop on February 6, 2009.

From the looks of the trailer, it looks pretty kick ass, but this is typically the time of year when studios shit out duds, so be wary. Here’s a synopsis, followed by the trailer:

This sci-fi action film involves a group of young American expatriates with telekinetic, telepathic, and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency referred to as “Division.” They try to find the only woman that ever escaped from “Division”. She is their only key to finding out how to escape the agency. They must also use their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the agency forever. [Source]

Before we see the trailer, let’s take a second to visually devour Camilla Belle’s sexy legs
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

And, here’s the trailer:

Push MySpace Page

Dakota Fanning @ “Push” Premiere in Westwood

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Dakota Fanning’s 15th birthday is actually less than a month away; February 23rd to be exact. Either Dakota has a sensible stylist or she just really enjoys wearing dresses to show her legs. In the future you could think that maybe she’ll develop some Amanda Bynes sexy legs?

Dakota plays Cassie Holmes in Push. Also in the film is hottie Camilla Belle, as you’ve already seen her photos from the premiere.

And, here’s the trailer:

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