Alessandra Ambrosio Celebrated The New Year In Floripa, Brazil!

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Wow, what a difference a year makes! Actually from a physique standpoint, Alessandra Ambrosio looks pretty much the same as she did on January 1st, 2007 (except slightly larger boobies).

As they did last year, Ale & her baby-daddy Jamie Mazur cruised their way into 2009 while vacationing in beautiful Floripa, Brazil! I seriously need to check this place out b/c it’s obviously filled with hot pieces of ass. Maybe Bastardly will ring in 2010 in Floripa…Any hot Brazilians wanna join us?

Anyway, for comparison sake, here’s a pic of Ale last year in Floripa when she had unprotected sex with lucky bastard Jamie…
See more pictures here!

  • not exactly

    she’s half Polish

  • sad thing is…

    Armani, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Colcci, Escada, Fendi, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Roccobarocco, Rolex Oyster, Valisere, and so many more are all high fashion. now you wake up moron.

  • sad thing is…

    emaciated horses with crow feet aren’t too big in the fashion industry. Ale is hotter than hot in the fashion industry making you the Baby Ruth looking turd, TURD!

  • John1979

    Ale is stunning!

  • Mike2

    She has a pretty face but all in all an ordinary looking Italian woman thats what she is.

  • Mundo

    Well her bod, isn’t that great I agree, but I think she’s got a decent looking face. Oh and that dude looks so gay, in fact both dudes look like faggots.

  • Paulie

    HER FEET!!!!

  • aaa

    was ana beatriz barros there anyone know?

  • McPerv

    Sexy legs cam? They are sticks and her left kneecap is seriously messed up.

    In pics 7 and 8 she looks slightly pregnant, is she knocked up again already?

  • jennyla

    her boyfriend reminds me of someone…. do not want! Also, she is just too bony looking… not in a hot way either but like an evil witch way.

  • fdfsdafsdfsad

    why is that the guys are wearing plain dorky clothes to a night out? All the women look good and dressed up, but what is up with plain t-shirt and jeans? What a tool…

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    not looking good here at all. and whats with all the garments? show some body damnit! nobody wants to see Ale if she isn’t wearing revealing cloths/lingerie. fact.


    Some people are skinny, some people are fat. Alessandra gets paid more than any of you asshats could ever dream of. So continue to hate, you fatty cunts. This hot skinny supermodel is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • sad thing is….

    as bad as she looks here she is still leaps and bounds hotter than Ugriana Lima.

  • Goliano

    The sista at the buffet table, in pic 7, needs to loan AA some of dat ass.

  • Rhonda

    My sentiments exactly. I don’t see the appeal with this cross-eyed horse-faced strangely built girl.

  • Rhonda


  • u suck

    WRONG. this bitch looks like an emaciated horse with crow feet
    adriana is a goddess, and you are a bitchtits turd

  • Goliano

    I’m glad I read it all the way thru, cuz it did wind up bein’ “HAHAHA!!! LMFAO!” The mind is a wondrous thing.

  • popopop

    and so has all the other victoria’s secret models…including adriana, which books way more high fashion gigs than this scarecrow. i’ve never seen this whore in a magazine working Guess jeans. prob cuz she has no ass

  • moron

    Actually, no she’s not. She’s a swimsuit model, but that’s about it. High fashion? Dream on.

  • Ina

    Ale´s feet are so ugly…and I don´t like her legs too. But I like Jamie.

  • shandi

    she looks like an anorexic rat. fugly.

  • john

    I’m not sure if everyone realizes this but 2009 is going to usher in more bad news for the economy
    It is the last year for those “200-” novelty sunglasses
    companies will not be able to make them again until 2040 at the earliest you can’t make half of sunglasses with 1, 2 or 3
    and 2010 the 0s are too far apart
    an entire industry is going to go under
    people will be laid off
    i predict the prices of whoopie cushions will skyrocket to make up the difference

  • sad thing is…

    you still lie to yourself that ale isn’t high fashion despite knowing her clients. whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • jennyla

    still, shes a hot evil witch 🙂

  • plulu

    FOR ONCE most of you bastards must have your glasses on today! This chic is a toothpick and not in a good way. I was kinda hoping she would put on and/or keep a little of her baby fat…..I want to like her…..just can’t bring myself to think a 11 year old looking chic is hot.

  • the kitten

    why is everyone suddenly coming to realise NOW that shes not that attractive? ive always felt this way. shes not hideous but she just doesnt do it for me. and those are the longest toes ive ever seen, crazy!

  • NYC Boy


  • Jackie O

    Its funny how people think shes so hot. She looks like a GODDAMN horse. Nice fake teeth and no tits. not to mention she could go for a poll on who has a bigger chin. jay leno gisele or ale



  • john

    yeah i saw some chick wearing them while i was watching Carson Daly sleepwalk through the NBC new years eve celebration
    I’ve also come to the conclusion that Carson Daly has been Randal Patrick McMurphyed

  • McJakes198700

    u guys are blind… shes hot but a little evil witch

  • popopop

    your mom does


    If Jamie Mazur would shave he would look like steve correl….HA! HA! HA!


    We all know it’s you Cathy R.

  • Jackie O

    I forgot to add that shes cross-eyed.
    and wtf is wrong with her knee caps?

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    On the second pic on the very first page, she has the hottest butt 😉 And legs; such soft skin

  • s

    wow JEALOUSY is ugly. if you saw a girl like this on the street your jaw would drop. If she’s ugly then all of us normal girls have no chance. And maybe she is on the thin side but hey, so am I and I’m not anorexic. It doesn’t seem fair to say women should have curves when some of us are born without them. Even if she was too thin..think about it, if you were offered millions of dollars to stay that way for a few years… are you honestly saying you wouldn’t do it? Really? If you said no you’re an effing liar.