14-Year Old Dakota Fanning Needs To Dress Her Age!!

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com
These were snapped @ the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Doesn’t she have a mom around to tell her she needs to wait until she’s 18 to ho it up? I swear, I feel like agents & production houses are behind the pimping of innocent little girls in Hollywood these days. Just look at what they’ve done with Miley!!

  • ElSardine

    What is “Dress like her age” mean?What she supposed to wear?What is appropriate? a Burka?

  • Sierra

    Although I think overly precocious dressing and make-up on young girls is dodgy, it is only in the sense that the perverts who encourage it should be reprimanded. That kid miley cyrus is an example of it. Her agency or whatever dress her up like a doll and cover her in make-up so that they can cash in on the fact that America loves ‘jailbait’. It speaks volumes about the twisted sexual ideolgy of the media and society, not the actual girl herself.

    As for Dakota… She looks like a (young) fourteen year old in a dress. The dress is really not that provocative and if anyone finds her sexy then that is due to their own issues. Jesus, even if she was wearing a flimsy hooker outfit she’d still just look like an akward fourteen year old child playing dress up. If people think that she is courting sexual attention then it says more about their own perverse desires than it does about her.

  • BobDole

    I don’t get it. She looks her age. How old are you fucks that you think this is “hoeing it up?”

  • Goliano

    Updated Headline:

    14-Year Old Dakota Fanning Needs To Not Be On This Site

    That’s what nickelodeon.com is for.

  • OK

    i dont see anything wrong with what she has on. Ive seen prom dresses that look worse. And America doesnt love jailbait; sick people love jailbait and they are all over the world. I am American and i do not like to see little girls try to look and act older than what they really are. And i really dont like to see old nasty men go after these little girls. I dont care how old she is trying to look or how old she told you she was, you can tell the difference between a woman and a child.

  • Dr. Sierra

    yeah ignore her, she is an american hating know it all bitch. Dr. i have a question, why do you hate america?

  • Sierra

    Okay let me elaborate. I didn’t mean that every person in America loves jailbait (which I probably should have specified). I was talking about mainstream American media not the general public. I mean there’s a long list of young girls marketed by the media as being ‘hot’ jailbait.
    This site is ALWAYS posting ‘Bastardly jailbait warnings’ about underage girls who are being percieved as being overtly sexy and attractive. And half the users start chatting about how these kids are sluts or that they’d like to fuck them etc. BUT that said, I didn’t mean to generalise everyone and tar them with the same brush. Apologies to the people who find the jailbait thing as disturbing as I do. No offense was intended.

  • Rhonda

    Too much jailbait is another good reason to not vote for the Bastardly. Have you added this concern to that post? That’s a good one. If you haven’t yet, I might.

  • Sierra

    vote for bastardly? I haven’t seen the post. Go for it if you want, I think it’s one of the worst things about this place. I never find it funny and I was under the impression that it was the general point of the Bastardly…

  • Rhonda

    It used to not be this bad. The site used to be awesome. They’ve gone down quite a bit, and it’s a damn shame, too.

    Posting sexual things about children is not cool. Can I just copy & paste your comment and give you props? I’m lazy today.

  • ACE

    “America loves jailbait” – I’ll add that one to the list of stereotypes.

  • obvious

    Most of you pervs are really sick. She is just a little girl in a grown up dress. Bastardly, you ought to refrain from posting pics of underage girls when YOU KNOW your main audience is a bunch of middle aged pervs who wouldn’t have the balls to approach any of the women they talk shit about on this blog. Disgusting. That really does it for me; I won’t be returing. And judging by your stellar rating at that voting page, I can see many others feel the same way.

  • Sierra

    haha go for it lol. Lets hope it helps…

  • Keith


  • Rhonda

    I just love all of you Uncertified Bastards. Nothing but love.

    Why don’t you proofread your shitty comments, you fucking moron.

  • RockHard

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM JAILBAIT – 4 more years until we can say what we want to do

  • Hannah

    I think that it is disgusting that they put underage girls on this website. Even if they choose to put them on they should disable commenting.

  • Lilo

    she looks pretty, difference between Dakota and Milly is that Dakota has talent ten fold compared to that twat

  • Lilo

    Yeah I’ve been a reader since 2005 or 6….where the fug is Phillip McCracken?? Thats the dude that first comes to mind when i think Bastardly….

  • Holly

    I don’t see what is so wrong with what she is wearing. I mean it’s a dress that’s not of a too inappropriate cut and it doesn’t come off to me as slutty in any way. I mean the amount of leg she is showing is no different to a little girl way younger than her wearing a pair of shorts and if you feel that Dakota is looking too sexual you are a perophile for not seeing a little girl but a sexual object. I mean Dakota is hardly even wearing any make-up, a respectable amount for a 14-year-old. Compare her too a REAL underage tramp like that Taylor Momsen who always looks like it woud take four days of chiselling to remove all that shit from her face.

  • David – the nudist

    I can think of a good reason why I hate America. Too much perversion by people with horny minds. That, and the fear of nudity so many in this country have. Hey, that gives me two reasons, lol. Gymnophobia, which I have long since overcome, is, simply put, the fear of nudity. Actually, in more detail, it’s the fear of being seen naked and/or seeing others naked. It’s funny that people like sexual nudity in R or X-rated movies, violence, gore, you name it. But, when innocent nudity shows up, people cringe and think it’s the end of the world. While this post has nothing to do with Dakota herself, I said this because someone earlier brought up why someone hates America. It was more of a question to someone else, but I had to give my two cents when I saw it.

  • David – the nudist

    As for Dakota Fanning, there’s nothing wrong with the way she dresses. If she’s comfortable with the way she dresses, who are we to tell her how to dress? Let her make her own choices and stop baby-ing her.

  • barbie

    yes wasnt he in love with that gal from harry potter one crazy dude!!