Mila Kunis is a Smoking Zombie! Ow!

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The paps caught up w/ a zombied-up Mila Kunis on the set of an upcoming movie yesterday while she was enjoying a cigarette break. I don’t know the last time a zombie taking puff looked so damn hot! Anyway, for those of you looking to replace these images with the hot Mila we’re all used to, check here & here.

  • undun some

    I think she the hotest little gal in show business at this time.. Me Want, Me like

  • LiLLy380

    its funny how she still looks pretty good

  • sandra

    wow these are cool

  • Mundo

    At last we see her true self…J/K.

  • david10006

    not hot,not cute and pretty much as annoying as hell on that 70’s show.

  • bastardly!!!!

    its been four months i think she deserves for us bastards to still know she exists!!

    put up more mila purlease!!!