Casey Carlson: Hot American Idol Contestant Bikini Photos!

Casey Carlson appeared on American Idol this past week and sang for the judges, Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 Miles” song… you know, the one that’s the everyone’s jam in White Chicks. Granted she didn’t show up in a bikini like Katrina Darrell but she does look like a cutie.
Anyways, Casey is 20 years old from Minneapolis. Let’s hope that she sticks around longer because if she’s done good-taste bikini photoshoots like this, then surely there must be some scandalous Spring Break Girls Gone Wild wet t-shirt contests or better yet, some pee-pee pictures like Antonella Barba from a couple years ago.
You be the judge… does she really stand a chance to make it far?

  • sandra

    yup, but a sexier hotter less boring Mandy Moore

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    ummm this is a singing competetion right?! why did she make it through then?! its american idol not girls next door. she can’t sing…buh-bye!

  • Winter

    She looks like Mandy Moore.

  • king schlong

    i would totally suck her dick

  • Minnesota Man

    Oh yeah, Minnesota rules.

  • TORO

    fuck singing…she’s hot…she got my vote!!

  • Frost

    She poses so she looks like she has nice hips for a thin girl.

  • Ugly Model1

    Not exceptional, but she would look good in porn.

  • McPerv

    She has nice hips for a thin girl.

  • Frost

    Sure I can:

    1. Women with hips don’t wear dresses like that because it would make them look severely pear shaped. Color (white makes everything bigger at hip level) + cut (fluff gives the illusion of mass) is an attempt to make what’s not there larger.

    2. It’s very hard to make an upright woman with hips go completely flat on one side, bending and all. Gumby here has the straight torso/narrow hip affliction like Giselle. This is why she only has a waist when her hip is cocked forward and turned more than the rest of her body.

  • Rasheed

    Bitch looks a bit attractive, not sure yet. But we really need more Antonella Barba pics, that was one hot slut.

  • DrTentacle

    Superior Idol whore. It doesn’t matter who wins AI. You will be seeing more of this girl regardless.

  • drivr3g

    I’m in LOVE!!!!

  • JTchicago

    Personally I want the blind dude to win.

  • McPerv

    Maybe you’re right, but there’s no pose where she’s not doing that. So you can’t say for sure that she doesn’t have hips. She’s hot either way, even though her left eye is slightly higher than her right (but nothing like Shannon Dougherty’s offset eyes).

  • ezezerfze

    Lack of hips.


  • TORO

    now this is Hot…i would totally start watching idol just for her!!…mamacita!!

  • oh no

    Read my mind

  • Marzco Erik Darnell

    whoa!!! smoking my tires but, shes fucking hot!!!

  • Rasheed

    LMAO @ D55.

  • Rasheed


  • Timo_Drivers6200

    shes damn hot… wow…


    When i first saw her i was like yo that looks like rachel bilson

  • d55.

    of course thats Golihomo…how long can someone keep it in?…you are gay, you are gay…it comes out at some point….dry them tears, Golihomo….i support you and your sexual preference!!! *as Golihomo skips in his frilly, rainbow mini dress*

  • d55.

    Golihomo starting shit with me LOL thinking he is one tough motherfucker…lmao…how old are you, golihomo? by the way you post shit, it seems like you are probably 18 at most. (Golihomo gets so happy because he isnt even 18 but barely hit puberty) did you even read before starting shit, golihomo? well, did you? LOL

  • Goliano.

    There’s just enough meat on those stems to meet my approval. A couple visits to the churrascaria are in order, uva.

  • Goliano.

    i am sorry everyone that i am starting problems with other members here i just got beat up by my mama ’cause i left all my dirty magz out and she saw them well that was not fun so i get on here to relieve all the stress i am really sorry excuse me i have to go change my pink boxers and put on the ones with rainbows ’cause i didnt have time so change them since i just pulled them up and ran outta door when my mama walked in on me

  • Goliano.

    A bitch who has to stoop to impersonation (the greatest form of flattery, mind you) talkin’ shit like she’s done sump’in. Hoe, sit your flake ass down!! Trick!

  • d55.

    Golihomo, puhlease…if you didnt care about the fake posts, you wouldnt post right after me to prove the things i wrote under your name were fake…go to school, bitch…don you know any other word than “trick” LMAO

  • GOD

    Now, now. Be nice Pam.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Hey, nutjob. Get a real job!!!

  • Lilo

    F#ck Sake, she’s a friggin hottie

  • Blickerfield93277

    i agree!!! too much crack for these people…